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Noah Wyle: Actor

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It’s a scientific phenomenon: ER‘s Noah Wyle makes waves. “There’s a ripple effect when women see him,” reports castmate Maura Tierney. “Then it’s like, ‘Oohh, OOHH!’ and you hear these squeals as they try to contain themselves.” In his seventh season as earnest Dr. John Carter, Wyle, 29, is hearing less about being “boyishly cute” and more about being flat-out “handsome.” The 6’1″ actor’s wife of a year, makeup artist Tracy Warbin, 33, knows why: “He’s got this great, strong jaw and beautiful lines on his face. He’s starting to look more ‘mannish’ now.” Especially in scruffy, unshaven “natural and hunky” mode at their ranch north of Santa Barbara, Calif. “On TV I hardly recognize him,” says Warbin. “I like the country Noah.” The city Noah has fans too. ER makeup artist Gandhi Bob Arrollo likes Wyle’s “healthy, robust, good, clean American look,” which requires little more than a shave before filming. Says Arrollo: “Noah personifies what women want when they go into the doctor’s office.”