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No Don Juan Bon Jovi, Jon Marries His High School Sweetheart in a Vegas Chapel

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Never mind that the owner of the Las Vegas quickie chapel didn’t even recognize those lips, those eyes, that hair. When the news leaked out that hard-rock hunk Jon Bon Jovi, 28, had quietly wed his high school squeeze, the shattering of hearts echoed throughout Teendom. Mere weeks ago, fans got a behind-the-scenes look at Jon’s life when he gave away his New Jersey boyhood home in an MTV promotion. But in formally promising “I’ll Be There for You”—Bon Jovi’s latest hit—to Dorothea Hurley, 28, a Jersey girl from his hometown of Sayre-ville, privacy was Jon’s priority. “They pulled up in a cab, and I didn’t know who they were,” says Gordon Wilson, part owner of the Graceland wedding chapel. “They were just two kids in love.”

Back in Sayreville, Jon’s mother, Carol Bongiovi—his real last name—got the call at 3 A.M. “It was a surprise, all right,” she says. “He said, ‘Hi, Mom, I love you.’ I said, ‘I love you too, honey. Why are you calling me at three in the morning?’ He said, ‘I’d just like to know if you would like to say hello to your new daughter-in-law.’ We’re still in shock. I bet he is too.”

Bon Jovi’s management reportedly had hoped the wedding would stay secret, on the theory that single rock stars are sexier. But Carol, a devoted and voluble mom, claims a mother’s inalienable right to talk about her son’s happiness. “He says, ‘Mom, I’m no idol. I’m a human being. I love this girl.’ Staying with one girl”—the pair have been together, with minor interruptions, for 10 years—”is totally against the ways of Hollywood and show business, I think. But Jon is his own man, and that I’m proud of.” Besides, adds the mother of three boys, “If it were up to me, I’d be up on the roof screaming, I finally got a daughter!’ ”

Confidential to Jon Bon Jovi: Your mother does have one little problem with your wedding. She thinks Vegas weddings are for “second-time arounders and glitter-glitzy people.” So do your dear, not-so-old mom a favor: Get remarried in a church. In Jersey. This summer. With your brothers as your best men. It’s the least you can do for your biggest fan.