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Niki Taylor: Model 16

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Ralph Lauren sent her flowers. She has been splashed on practically every fashion cover from Glamour and Mademoiselle to Elle and Vogue. Isaac Mizrahi raves, “Not only is Niki gorgeous, she has such confidence on the runway.” But the Fort Lauderdale 11th grader’s only out-and-out lesson in modeling came at a Lauren show, when another model advised her to “look the audience in the eye, show off the clothing and walk kind of like a guy.” Doing so, she noticed just who was in the audience. At one Mizrahi show, Taylor says, “I was, like, ‘Wow!’ Madonna was there, and Sandra Bernhard and Spike Lee.” Impressionable, she is also impressed. “The business is really without prejudice,” she says, “because there are blacks and whites and gays, and everyone is really friendly.” Still, she’s hitting her biology books hard because, “I’ll model probably until Pin 22 or 23, and then I want to become an oceanographer.” Modeling was never her idea anyway. “Everyone started telling me I should be a model when I was 13, but I had braces and looked like I was under construction. Hut my mom took some pictures, and I was signed at an agency in Miami.” Now comes the hard part: “I don’t watch my weight, but I’ve been told I’m going to have to soon because my hips are going to grow. I was really embarrassed.” Hmmm. Walking like a guy could get to be a problem.