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Nicole Kidman

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IN REPOSE, NICOLE KIDMAN emits the delicate aura of bone china. In motion, she brightens the sky, as if the Northern Lights shimmered along her 510″, 130-lb. frame. “Her radiance is so great it’s like she’s followed by a spotlight,” says Bruce Joel Rubin, who directed her in My Life. “She’s a pleasure to behold. She manages to be both ethereal and earthy at the same time. The nice thing is, she’s a big girl. There’s a lot of her to love.” From our vantage point below the pedestal, the 28-year-old Australian seems to have it all: a happy, five-year marriage to (5’9″) Tom Cruise; an accelerating career (Batman Forever, To Die For and the forthcoming Portrait of a Lady); and two thriving children (Isabella Jane, 3, and 1-year-old Conor Anthony). But on the skin-deep front, things could, she believes, be better. “The grass is always greener,” she says. Well, maybe blonder: “Red, curly hair and fair skin. Oooooowwwww! I have to wear a lot of 30-SPF sunblock and big hats.” Straighter tresses are also on her wish list. “I don’t have the kind of hair that you can have a hairstyle with,” she says. “I used to iron it, which is very dangerous. But once you have kids, you just put it up in a bun.” For fitness, she does a four-or five-mile run several times a week. At the table, she sticks with fish, vegetables, chocolate and a little red wine. “Everything in moderation,” she says. “I’m not the sort of person who can go, ‘I’m going to deny myself this.’ ”