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Nicole and Keith's Romantic Getaway

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Less than a year after exchanging vows in Australia, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban took a getaway on St. Barts that seemed very much like a second honeymoon: taking beachside strolls, diving into azure waters from the deck of their yacht and enjoying dinner at Maya’s restaurant, where on March 2 they “held hands while they waited for their food,” says one employee. “They talked very quietly and were very close to each other. You could see the love in their eyes.”

Seven weeks after returning from his 90-day stint in rehab at the Betty Ford Center, Urban, 39, has eased back into a low-key routine with Kidman, 39, splitting time between L.A, where Kidman has been working and just wrapped the sci-fi thriller Invasion, and Nashville, where he is rehearsing for his upcoming tour to promote his CD Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing. The night before joining Kidman in St. Barts on March 2, he played an impromptu two-hour concert at the Nashville club City Hall and, according to a club manager, “looked so happy, so confident and strong.” As Urban recently told Germany’s Stern magazine, his priority is “to be the best husband I can be” to Kidman, whom he called “a good ray of sun in my life.”

The adoration is mutual. At Rupert Murdoch’s Feb. 23 pre-Oscar bash, says a guest, “Nicole had her arm wrapped around Keith’s waist and was gazing at him, looking so in love.” And at a CAA party later that night, says a witness, “they looked incredibly happy and didn’t leave each other for the whole time.”

As Kidman has said, they’ve worked hard for their happiness. “We’ve been through a lot,” she told pal Russell Crowe on Oprah‘s Feb. 22 pre-Oscar special. “We’ve dug really deep—and are [still] doing that.” Already their 9-month-old marriage is stronger for it, says a source close to them: “If you really love somebody and they go through an ordeal like this, you love them even more.” In the past month, says a friend, “they have been really connected. They’re in a really great place.”

And determined to stay there. Before kicking off his European tour April 19, Urban will be promoting his album in Australia, where Kidman starts filming the World War II drama Australia at about the same time. “Even with their busy work schedules, they see each other any chance they possibly can,” says another friend. And after all they’ve been through, says a source, the time they do have to spend apart won’t come between them: “They love each other. They’ll make it work.”

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