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New Kids on the Block: Homecoming Kings

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“It was a rush,” says Danny Wood of the Sept. 26 show that ended with a huddle with Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce.

Onstage “I can look at them and know exactly what’s going through their minds,” says Jonathan Knight of his bandmates.

“Wahlbergs who aren’t even related to me are coming,” says Donnie (preshow with his mom, Alma).

“We have a serene backstage,” says Jordan Knight (left), hanging out in the dressing room with Joey McIntyre (center) and Danny Wood.

“We have finally arrived at the place we always wanted to be,” Donnie told about 13,000 fans, after getting teary onstage.


One tour must-have for Joey, 35, Danny, 39, Donnie, 39, and brothers Jonathan, 39, and Jordan, 38? Chocolate. “We have a light dinner of candy bars” after shows, jokes Jordan. Adds Donnie: “Twix and Kit Kats!” Life has been one big sugar high since the reunited fivesome hit the road last month on their first tour in almost 15 years. While certain things have changed—the baby of the group has a baby on the bus!—the thrill remains the same. Says Joey: “This is one of those things where it can’t be any better.”