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New Heirdo? Little Bea Reins in Her Mum at a Windsor Horse Show

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It’s red! It moves! It’s Mum! Happily, the Duchess of York’s hair was tightly tied on this Saturday afternoon, so the rape of the locks by the tiny hand of Princess Beatrice met only a startled stare. Andrew himself was putting on heirs at a family outing in the royal backyard, the grassy expanses of Home Park, at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. The Yorks turned out—sans baby Eugenie, who was left in the care of her nanny—to root for Prince Philip, 68, who placed third in the pony carriage races.

Fergie’s simple Mum-on-a-sunny-Saturday routine fit in nicely with her newly cultivated image of propriety. Yet just two nights earlier, the Duchess had returned to her gadabout ways when she and Andrew donned the devilish duds of the ’60s Carnaby Street era and danced the night away at a bash thrown by Fergie’s pal Michael Pearson. Fit and flirty, Fergie turned up in a black mini, white stockings and bare midriff—not two months after giving birth. But the real eyepopper was the dancing and laughing between the Yorks and Andrew’s old flame Koo Stark, a former soft-porn actress whose marriage ended last year. “There was no problem,” says Pearson. “Everyone enjoyed themselves.”