People Staff
November 29, 2004 12:00 PM

[in Two If by Sea] was a great kisser. Rene Russo—great kisser. Elizabeth Hurley—great kisser. So I’ve been lucky.”

—Denis Leary

“It was certainly when I kissed BOB DE NIRO in Casino.”

—Sharon Stone

“In Pretty in Pink I kiss ANDREW MCCARTHY after he asks me to go to the prom. Some people think it’s the Breakfast Club one with Judd Nelson at the end. But I think that Pretty in Pink one was the sexiest.”

—Molly Ringwald

“After the hours that SELMA BLAIR and I practiced [for Cruel Intentions], we felt ready to go out there. And I think it showed. Our motto was ‘Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.’ ”

—Sarah Michelle Gellar

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