People Staff
September 20, 2004 12:00 PM


“I’ve been into Renée Perle, the mistress of a photographer named Lartigue. She was his Romanian mistress, and there are all these photographs of her.”


“That time period, I always go back to that. I’ve done it a million times, but I love that starlet period. I love to mix the homegirl look with Hollywood glamor.”


“The ’60s and ’70s, and I love the ’80s. It’s easy nowadays to get that stuff. I like the path less traveled—I hate it when I see someone with what I have.”


“There was just something about the ’40s suit and the ’40s lines that was so sexy. Women were coming into being not only a homemaker, but also working.”


“I’ve always been a big fan of Madonna [top] and how she looked in the ’80s. I try and dress like that whenever I can, and also the whole Flashdance thing [below].”


“I’m most inspired by the Lauren Bacall look. I find a lot from my mother’s closet and from a store on Melrose called Decades.”


“It’s a little bit ’20s because I’m really into flapper stuff. It was just such a cool time for fashion. I love the look of the ’20s.”


“The ’60s, 70s. Lily and I are hippies. I used to be into thrift stores, but now that I have a child, I don’t have the time.”

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