Happy Father’s Day!


Law & Order: SVU’s

CHRISTOPHER, 47: We were in the back alley of our house in Washington, D.C. I was 6 or 7. He was holding the back of the seat. I’m riding and I was like, “Dad, don’t let go! Don’t let go!” Then I hear his voice 50 yards away: “Okay, I won’t.”

CHARLES, 80: He came to a stop and was sort of bewildered that he hadn’t noticed the difference and then pleased that he was doing it himself.

CHRISTOPHER: My parents bought me that bike for my birthday. When I was older and wanted a 10-speed, I had to help pay for it. I think you guys paid half.

CHARLES: If something seemed reasonable, we didn’t try to make them [Christopher and his two siblings] climb the whole wall. But there had to be some effort so that he had some equity in it. It lasts longer that way.

CHRISTOPHER: What I downloaded was, “If you want it, you’ve got to work for it.” It’s one of those grounding lessons that has served me very well.


Ugly Betty’s

MARK, 13: They don’t want me to have a mustache for the show, because Justin is so clean cut. [I started shaving] three months ago. I missed spaces, and he had to tell me how to get bizarre angles.

MARK SR., 45: There were a couple of spots that were visible.

MARK: I’ll admit it, I don’t listen to my parents when it comes to learning things. Whenever he shaves, he comes out with pieces of tissue all over!

MARK SR.: We have sensitive skin. I go over and over to make it smooth and wind up nicking myself.

MARK: He’s a perfectionist. I admire that, because I inherited it from him.


Everybody Hates Chris


“LITTLE” TERRY, 39: My father was the best-dressed person I saw growing up. He made sure we had a nice overcoat and all the little details were just right. When we were little, he taught us how to shine our shoes, iron our pants, do everything right.

“BIG” TERRY, 62: A kid walking around with his pants sagging, you knew he didn’t come from my house.

“LITTLE” TERRY: The best thing he taught me was, you don’t have to be rich or have a lot, but you can always afford to look good.

“BIG” TERRY: He’s a chip off the old block.


Deadliest Catch‘s


JOSH, 25: Fishing is a lifestyle. He taught us how to live.

PHIL, 51: The moral of the story is you’re responsible for your own a–. If you’re going to do something, do it 110 percent.

JAKE, 22: A good captain like Dad is known for treating the crew right and knowing how to catch fish.

PHIL: And if you don’t do it the way I’m telling you to do it, you will die, plain and simple.

JOSH: That’s a good lesson, Pop. If we’re not good at everything we do, someone’s going to die.

JAKE: Yeah, sometimes I feel like being a wuss. But you just have to step it up.

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