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Our Love to Admire |


“Show me the dirt pile and I will pray/That the soul can take three stowaways.” So begins Interpol’s commendable new album, with “Pioneer to the Falls” setting a macabre mood. Despite the chugging beat, things don’t necessarily get much cheerier on the next tune, “No I in Threesome.” “There are days in this life when you see the teeth marks of time,” sings frontman Paul Banks, channeling the spirit of goth god Ian Curtis, whose band Joy Division remains a major influence. Still, there are moments of lightness. When Banks sings “Today my heart swings” on the rhythmic first single, “The Heinrich Maneuver,” he just about cracks a smile.

DOWNLOAD THIS: “Rest My Chemistry,” a Cure-esque tale from the dark side

Sum 41

Underclass Hero |


The voice of the disillusioned can be heard all over Sum 41’s new album. “It’s us against them/We’re here to represent/The spit right in the face of the establishment,” sings frontman Deryck Whibley (Avril Lavigne‘s husband) on the defiant title track. Whether he’s railing against President Bush (“March of the Dogs”) or his absentee dad (“Walking Disaster”), Whibley leads this Canadian trio in a spirited punk rebellion that displays shades of Green Day’s American Idiot.

DOWNLOAD THIS: “Underclass Hero”

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