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Most Wanted

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KIM COLES, actress “My No. 1 pick is Drew Carey. He’s funny and he’s smart, and that’s sexy. He’s so regular and unaffected, and that’s adorable.”

ELIZABETH PERKINS, actress “Brad Pitt. He’s the nicest person in Hollywood. That’s what makes him sexy.”

GINA RAVERA, actress “I have a new crush. Benicio Del Toro. He has talent and he’s fine.”

FRANCES FISHER, actress “John Travolta. He’s direct, cuddly and he’s a family man. That’s sexy to me.”

SEAN YOUNG, actress “John Travolta, because what’s sexy to me is kindness. I remember having a major crush on him when Grease came out.”

KELLY PRESTON, actress “My husband [John Travolta], without a doubt. He doesn’t try to be sexy. It just permeates through him. He has warmth, goodness, and he’s extraordinarily good-looking. That helps.”

CHRISTA MILLER, actress “Grant Shaud [her boyfriend and former Murphy Brown actor]. He looks like a man. He doesn’t wear any jewelry or cologne. He doesn’t spend more time than I do getting ready.”

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT, actress “Johnny Depp. Because he’s so mysterious.”

DIANE VON FURSTENBERG, designer “Larry Fishburne. He’s divine. He’s intelligent, good-looking, absolutely divine. He’s the hottest man around.”

JANE SEYMOUR, actress “Tiger Woods—he’s gorgeous! He comes across as being in control, but he has a sparkle in his eye. He’s hip and looks like fun.”

KATE CAPSHAW, actress “My husband, Steven Spielberg, because he loves to kiss.”

MELISSA GILBERT, actress “Aside from my husband [actor Bruce Boxleitner], Eric Clapton. I have everything that he ever recorded. He has a classic look and is so sexy.”

JOELY FISHER, actress “Armand Assante, Andy Garcia. You sense my type? It’s that Latin thing.”

MELISSA JOAN HART, actress “There’s something mysterious about George Clooney. He’s got something with his lips and eyes, they go really well together.”

CATHY MORIARTY, actress “George Clooney. He’s got kindness and humor.”

SELA WARD, actress “George Clooney. He’s a really good kisser. I got to roll around in bed with him, play his wife [on Sisters]. I have firsthand experience.”

JACKIE COLLINS, author “George Clooney. I picked him out when he was on Roseanne. And Mel Gibson. He has good looks and an incredible sense of humor. They both have an understated sexiness because neither takes himself too seriously.”

NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN, actress “George Clooney. He’s dark and troubled, and women always find that interesting.”

ROSEMARY CLOONEY, singer “Paul Newman. He hasn’t changed, and he doesn’t seem conscious of the fact that he’s so sexy.”

JOANNA KERNS, actress “Sean Connery. He’s talented, good-looking and tall.”

MAUREEN O’BOYLE, anchor “Larry Ellison [billionaire CEO of Oracle Corp.], What makes him sexy is his attitude. He’s a go-getter. Among the celebrities I’ve met, there’s someone who surprised me with his good looks and boyish tenderness: Jim Carrey. He has a great way of making fun of himself.”

ALICIA WITT, actress “Peter Krause [Kevin on Cybill and her boyfriend]. He’s funny, gorgeous and intelligent. Jerry Seinfeld is pretty sexy. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. Jim Carrey is sexy for the same reason. And Edward Norton seems unusual. He doesn’t try to fit in. He’s very talented, which is sexy.”

GENA LEE NOUN, actress “Jeff Bridges. Every movie of his I’ve seen, I fall to my knees. He’s warm, quiet but confident. He’s a family man with a nice body. He has beautiful hair, and those eyes—oh, baby!”

ALEXANDRA WENTWORTH, actress “The Bridges men. They have incredible piercing blue eyes and all are amazing actors…and does Lloyd know how to dance!”

TIPPI HEDREN, actress “Antonio Banderas, not only because he’s my daughter’s husband. He’s a real man, a wonderful husband and father.”

CHYNNA PHILLIPS, actress and singer “My husband [Billy Baldwin], Every time I hear his voice I melt.”

STACY GALINA, actress “William Devane. He’s nonchalant, strong and gentle, with a great sarcastic wit. But most of all, Bill is sexy because he doesn’t know it.”

MARIA CONCHITA ALONSO, actress “Jon Bon Jovi. He has great teeth, a great body and a great voice.”

LAURA INNES, actress “I have to give my vote to Tony Edwards. He’s sexy because he’s a real, authentic person.”

VERONICA WEBB, model “Vernon Jordan is smart, self-made, broad-shouldered and has beautiful skin. And Michael Jordan. Every curve on his body was cut by the hand of God.”

TRACI BINGHAM, actress Michael Jordan. He’s big, bold and has skill!”

SARAH JESSICA PARKER, actress “My husband [Matthew Broderick]. I don’t think about anyone else.”

CAROL BELLAMY, executive director of UNICEF “Kevin Kline. I like him because he’s funny.”

JULIE MORAN, reporter “Ed Burns is intelligent, quick-witted and drop-dead gorgeous. We worked together at Entertainment Tonight [Burns was a production assistant]. He had all the women there hot and bothered.”

VIVICA A. FOX, actress “Will Smith and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Will Smith because he’s one of the truest and most deserving gentlemen in Hollywood. And I’m mad about Arnold. Not only is he a hunk, he is also a gentleman and very funny.”

BARBARA MANDRELL, actress and singer “Steven Seagal. The characters he portrays are tough but sensitive. I was on a talk show with him once, and he really was kind of shy.”

VANESSA WILLIAMS, actress “[Dancer] Savion Glover. He’s young, on fire, and he’s extremely talented.”

KRISTEN JOHNSTON, actress “John Lithgow. He adores strong, funny women but is devoted to his wife and children. Tom Hanks is sexy because he’s sweet and funny. Any man who can keep his feet on the ground with all that attention is sexy.”

ALANA STEWART, actress “Robert Redford. It’s the eyes. You sense a real soul behind the person. And he stays away from Hollywood and the nonsense that goes with it.”

JENNIFER ESPOSITO, actress “Definitely Richard Kind. He is so sexy. To know him is to love him.”

HOLLY ROBINSON PEETE, actress “I can’t think of anyone but my husband, [Philadelphia Eagles quarterback] Rodney. He makes me laugh. I love him to death.”

SALMA HAYEK, actress “My boyfriend, [actor] Edward Atterton. I love his voice, the way he smells, the way he moves, the way he kisses.”

CONNIE SELLECCA, actress “It’s a no-brainer. John Tesh [her husband]. He’s smart, strong, not afraid to be vulnerable, talented, a devoted family man, and he has good hands.”

MARIANNE JEAN-BAPTISTE, actress “Samuel L. Jackson and Stanley Tucci. They’re men. Stanley is extremely charming, and Samuel, you just love him! A lovely guy.”

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, anchor “My husband [Washington attorney John Coale]. My second choice is Ted Turner. All his success is sexy to me. And let’s just say that I’m not stupid. He’s my boss.”

AMANDA DE CADENET, actress “Keanu Reeves is the embodiment of sexiness. He’s not a blatantly sexy guy but has a sense of mystery that only a few people possess. We’re very close friends.”

JOAN RIVERS, comedian “From the way he attracts women, it has to be Larry King. His weekly to-do list says, ‘Wash car, pick up dry cleaning and get married.’ Then, John F. Kennedy Jr. The man is always taking his shirt off for sports. He disrobes to play chess.”

MISS PIGGY, actress “Moi cannot settle for just one man. My sexiest man alive would have Brad Pitt‘s hair, Tom Cruise‘s smile, George Clooney‘s body and Bill Gates’s wallet. Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt if he was short, green and had webbed feet.”

PERI GILPIN, actress “Kelsey Grammer is one of the sexiest men I’ve met in my entire life. He’s the opposite of Frasier. Kelsey is a real free spirit. I love that about him.”

JANE LEEVES, actress “Harrison Ford, without a doubt. I’ve loved him since I was a little girl watching Star Wars. He has a great sense of humor and compassion.”

SHARON LAWRENCE, actress “Harrison Ford is very appealing because of his strength and honor.”

TAMLYN TOMITA, actress “Harrison Ford. I don’t want to meet him because I’d like to think of him just as he is onscreen.”

LUCY LAWLESS, actress “Rob Tapert [executive producer of Xena: Warrior Princess and her fiancé]. Hubba hubba hubba! And I think Rupert Everett is sexy. He’s good in any role he chooses to play, gay or straight. I like highly intelligent, earthy, funny men. That’s sexy to me.”