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Most Memorable Style Moments of the Year

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The singer got the gossip blogs buzzing when she flashed a pair of silver metallic pasties while partying alongside Jay-Z and Jamie Foxx at Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas for the Fourth of July. Since she managed to coordinate them with her sparkly earrings, Rihanna has earned the top spot on the breast-dressed list.


Multiple tattoos! Washboard abs! Smoldering stares! And, oh yeah, the underwear. The Beckhams have roped us all in.

Jessica’s Mom Jeans

“Some people have a bad hair day; she had a bad pants day,” said a source close to Simpson after the singer wore these high-waisted Grey Ant jeans at a Florida concert Jan. 25.


Not since Jennifer Aniston popularized the “Rachel” on Friends has a haircut garnered so much attention. But the masses did not run to their local salon to get Kate Gosselin’s asymmetrical, spiked-on-top, buzzed-in-the-back style. The “reverse mullet” is, however, flying off the shelves of costume shops, just in time for Halloween.


“I feel like a Hollywood actress,” the 48-year-old singing sensation told Harper’s Bazaar, whose editors transformed her from dull to dazzling for the September issue, complete with a new haircut and designer dresses.

Drew’s Wacky Beauty

The star experimented with stripes, but not on her clothes. First she sported blue-and-white eyeliner at a music fest April 18 and then debuted two-tone hair in Boston Sept. 9.


“Those jeans are comfortable,” argued the President on NBC’s Today Show after getting flack for wearing “frumpy” jeans at the All-Star Baseball Game in St. Louis July 14. “And for those of you who want your President to look great in his tight jeans, I’m sorry. I’m not the guy.”

Valerie’s Hot Bikini Body!

Just in time for her 49th birthday, Valerie Bertinelli took on her greatest challenge yet: wearing a bikini. “I said to myself, “Oh, please, a bikini? I’m too old for bikinis! But then I realized, ‘Wait a minute. Why not a bikini?'” said Bertinelli in April. At 123 lbs., after dropping almost 50 lbs. with Jenny Craig, she bared it all. “I can’t believe I did it!”