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Monterey Celebrates the Wonder of Jimmy Stewart

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It was as if Jimmy Stewart were reprising one of his own movie roles as a disarming country bumpkin among city slickers. Clint Eastwood had just finished describing him as a national treasure when Stewart rose to return the compliment. “You produce, you direct, you act,” he told Eastwood, then added, with that trademark incredulous tremor, “You do all of them.”

The Stewart tribute was the finale of the second annual Monterey (Calif.) Film Festival, which attracted such diverse types as director Roger Vadim, from Paris, and Tab Hunter, from Los Angeles. Stewart was a sweet-tempered honoree until the talk turned to the colorization of old films. “I think it’s one of the most disgraceful things that’s ever happened,” he fumed, perhaps resentful of being turned salmon pink, “and I hope that those connected with it end up flat broke.”