People Staff
August 13, 1990 12:00 PM

By now most people should be aware of the dangers of too much exposure to the sun—sunburn, premature aging and, if you’re Princess Stephanie of Monaco, being photographed topless on the beach with some guy who is not Jean-Yves Le Fur, your official fiancé. Detergent company executive Jérôme Lausseure, the 38-year-old gentleman frolicking with Stephanie here, has been characterized by the Palace in Monte Carlo only as “a close family friend.” (Supply your own punch line here.)

Not long after these photos appeared in Europe, a second set of photos—do Monegasques trade these things like baseball cards?—emerged of Stephanie, again topless, with German tennis ace Boris Becker. What all this means for Stephanie’s engagement to Le Fur, no one was saying. As for the long-term effects of her bare-all life-style—well, at the very least, we’d recommend some No. 15 sunblock. And moisturize, Steffi, moisturize.

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