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Moment of Truth Fallout: Why I Left My Husband

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Five weeks ago, Lauren Cleri was ready to fight for her marriage to husband Frank—despite the bombshells about infidelity she’d just dropped on FOX’s The Moment of Truth. “I don’t believe in divorce,” she told PEOPLE in March. But now? “Frank and I aren’t living together,” with no plans to reunite, she says. “I couldn’t be happier.”

Sure, she may have done some damage when she told 8.5 million viewers that she had cheated on Frank (later insisting it was just emotional infidelity) and that she should be wed to an ex-boyfriend instead. Cleri says the couple of two years already had problems—but airing them didn’t help. Two weeks ago, Cleri, 26, moved back in with her parents in Pennsauken, N.J., while Frank, 25, a police officer, stayed in Piermont, N.Y. After the show, “we didn’t talk that much,” she says. “He kept changing his mind. [He’d say,] ‘I want to work things out…. I don’t want to.'” Finally, she realized “if I tried to work things out, I’d be going back to unhappiness.”

Frank, meanwhile, “just wants to lie low,” says his mom, Maggie, who adds, “he’s not angry with Lauren. A part of him still loves her.” She’s forgiven Lauren, but not The Moment of Truth: “That show is out to ruin people’s lives.”

Her daughter-in-law disagrees. “At first, I regretted going on the show,” Cleri says, “but now I’m thankful. It sped up the process of finding what Frank and I need.”