People Staff
November 16, 1987 12:00 PM

[Two Thumbs Up]
It’s hard for anybody to look good standing next to Tom Selleck, even his wife, Jillie Mack. “Her hair is a mess and her lipstick’s too light,” says Vittadini. Scaasi is kinder. “Cute,” he says. “Very Hollywood.”

[Four Thumbs Down]
By now, Cher is a law unto herself. Not so her beau, Rob Cameletti, 23, who drew barbs for his ill-fitting clothes and crooked tie. “It looks like the suit carries him, not like he carries the suit,” notes Vittadini.

[Two Thumbs Up]
The judges were divided over Tom Cruise and wife Mimi Rogers in their similar Miami Wee outfits. “These suits look too big on everybody,” grumbles Cassini. Vittadini thinks sneakers are all wrong for Tom, although if one must, “black is correct.” Scaasi likes Tom’s jacket, but Mimi’s ensemble drew snores. At least, says Beasley, “it looks comfortable.”

[Two Thumbs Up]
“He has a lot of personal style,” says Vittadini of Bruce Willis. With squiggles on his tie and stripes on his tux, he dresses like Robin Williams talks—always fascinating, never straight. Current steady Demi Moore, in a retro ’50s draped number with a fantastic neckline, prefers to show off something sexier than your average starlet’s décolletage. A subtle touch with accessories: his-and-her earrings.

[Three Thumbs Up]
“Elegant,” says Ford. “Very dashing,” says Beasley. For a couple as glitzy as Michael and Diandra Douglas, there’s nothing left but nit-picking. “I’ve seen dresses I like better,” nits Cassini. Picky Scaasi declares the scarf passé and the in-between-length skirt a “cop-out.” Janowitz went wild. “They look like an S&M couple. She’s wearing the dog collar. He married her for her looks and never lets her forget it.” Hey, Tama, lighten up!

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