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Miley's Makeover

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At the Jan. 17 premiere of her concert movie, Miley Cyrus didn’t really walk the red carpet. She worked it—showing off a flirty Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti dress and a newly darkened mane, which framed her smoky eyes. Of her new glam and grown-up look, Cyrus told PEOPLE, “I like it so much better! I like being myself, doing my thing.”

At 15, the Hannah Montana star—and headliner of one of the hottest concert tours—enjoys standing out from the crowd. “She wanted to get away from the idea of the Hollywood blonde,” says Cyrus’ hairstylist David Medelye, who dyed the singer’s locks a deep chocolate brown to give her a “rock glam” look. “We call it the Anti-Hannah.”

A fashion trendsetter for teens and tweens, Cyrus has always been pro-change. “Miley is a style chameleon,” says her stylist Tara Swennen. “She can change her character at any time. If she’s feeling like a rocker chick, she’s going to wear a vest and boots over her jeans. The next day, if she wants to look like a classy lady, she’s going to flip to the premiere dress. She likes taking risks.” And she does it often. “In two years, I’m sure she’ll change it up again,” says Medelye. “That’s just her personality.”

In fact, by the end of her big night, Cyrus already had plans to change into a different look: her pajamas. After being on the road for three months, Cyrus says the best part of being back in L.A. is “I get to sleep in my own bed tonight!”