People Staff
May 06, 1996 12:00 PM

IT’S A RELIEF TO KNOW THAT MICHELLE PFEIFFER LIKES TO SNEAK PEANUT M&M’S into her popcorn at the movies. (“Hey,” says her personal trainer Kathy Kaehler, “at least she’s getting the bad things—her salt and sugar—all at once,”) Otherwise, Pfeiffer’s well-defined body might be too flawless. And then where would we be? Probably still lining up to see her. “I’m more at peace now than I’ve ever been,” Pfeiffer, 38, said after adopting daughter Claudia Rose, now 3, marrying writer-director David Kelley and giving birth to son John Henry, 21 months. It shows. “This is the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever met in my life,” raves Up Close & Personal director Jon Avnet. “Motherhood has made her softer. Michelle was breast-feeding on the set, and it was literally like seeing Madonna and child.” KCBS anchorwoman Ann Martin was left speechless after Pfeiffer shadowed her while researching her Up Close role. “There’s a world full of people who photograph better than they look in person,” says Martin. “There’s a world full of people who are pretty in person and who don’t photograph very well. But I’ve never met anyone as breathtaking in person and on film as Michelle.” Maybe there’s something to that popcorn-and-M&M’s combination. Let’s all give it a try.

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