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Michael Jordan: Basketball Star

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Try this for a three-pointer: He lists his strongest features as “my sleekness, my style and my petiteness.” Six feet six, 200 lbs. and petite? But Michael Jordan, 28, isn’t joshing. “I consider myself more petite for my profession. Everybody is 6’11”, 210 lbs. or 250 lbs.” The Chicago Bulls guard (and 1990-91 league MVP) doesn’t have to be big to be a giant on the court—not when every lay-up is a gymnastic marvel that leaves rivals and fans alike gaping. For that matter, hair would just create drag on his airborne missions. “My father lost his hair at a young age, and I’m losing mine. But my wife, Juanita, loves it. It’s easy to get up and go without brushing it. I look in the mirror and feel good about myself.” In others, he eyes the eyes, and uses his own to good effect. Says Juanita: “He flirts with his eyes, and that makes him sexy.” Just get out of the way when he sticks out his tongue.