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Michael Easton

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So what if the biker Easton plays on Days of Our Lives makes Mickey Rourke sound like a diction coach. When he guns his Harley, you can hear hearts begin to race. “He’s got these beautiful blue eyes,” says Shannon Sturges, his love on the NBC soap. “My fans say, ‘You’re so lucky to work with him, he’s so cute.’ ” Easton, 25, isn’t big on protecting his marvelous mug. “My nose has been busted three times, and I have scars from two bad motorcycle accidents,” says the actor, a dedicated road warrior offscreen as well. “I’ve lost parts because I wasn’t handsome enough and because I was too handsome, so I don’t put much stock in looks.”

Born in California, Easton was 5 when his parents moved back to their native Ireland. Returning to the States in his teens, he later worked at odd jobs like fixing motorcycles and agitating attack dogs in training, before hitting the road in 1986 for two soul-searching years. Landing in L.A., he snagged the soap in 1990 and has his first TV movie, Night Tide, due this fall. Says its casting director, Patrick Rush: “In this town, there are a million beautiful boys. But Michael isn’t arrogant about his looks—which makes him incredibly sexy.”

Indeed, bachelor Easton is proof that girls make passes at guys with great lashes. “Scary,” he says. “One woman followed me into the men’s room to give me her number. In supermarkets people look into my cart to see what I’m buying.” A product they won’t find is wrinkle cream. “I’m looking forward to getting older,” he declares, “because I know I’ll get smarter too.”