Danielle Anderson, Eileen Finan, and Kay West
April 29, 2012 12:00 PM


It might have seemed impossible to improve on country’s standard-bearer for sexy, but at 44, McGraw really is (as he sings it) better than he used to be. Four years ago he quit drinking (“I didn’t want my kids to see their father that way,” he says) and ratcheted up his workout routine, including swapping his old habit of preshow booze for a four-mile run. The result? A healthier, happier-and hotter-Tim. “You think you’re making yourself happy when you’re partying, but you’re not,” he says. “There’s such deep-seated happiness that comes with having a great family and a great wife, and through every experience together-the vacations and scraped knees and broken arms-you feel that seed of contentment growing.”


Vocal surgery temporarily silenced him earlier this year, but that just proved Urban’s appeal stretches beyond words. “The worst part was not being able to have a back-and-forth conversation with my wife,” says Urban, 44. “I missed that. We talk a lot. I did a lot of listening and used lots of facial expressions.” His 3-year-old, Sunday Rose, had a tougher time understanding. “She can’t read, so I recorded bedtime stories to play for her, but she wanted the real thing. Me too!”


Ask this Missouri native what his best feature is, and he’ll tell you it’s his eyes. “Sometimes they’re blue, sometimes they’re green,” he says. There’s also the good head of hair he says he’s “blessed and thankful to have.” But there’s something else that makes Nail, 32, so appealing: He’s a man who actually loves to shop! “Clothes have always been a big interest of mine,” admits the singer, who describes his style as “modern southern traditional with a little flair. And my accountant would agree-I spend far too much.”


That dark wavy mane? Totally hot. But Nichols, 35, admits his do has often been a don’t. “My wife has known me through every hairstyle mistake and loves me anyway-but she doesn’t let me forget it! It’s a little shaggy now, and I think it’s kind of rebel, but I’m probably fooling myself. I like to think I look like a motorcycle dude when I probably look like a moped guy.”


When asked to be part of our hot list, “I called my wife and told her I was one of the hot guys, and she says, ‘No, you’re not!'” Moore, 28, says. “I was like, ‘Well, thank you!’ It’s an honor but also pretty funny.” To his fans it’s no joke, but his wife keeps him grounded. “She beats my ego down, then builds me back up for all the right reasons!”


Don’t let that dazzling smile, fit physique and sexy baritone fool you-Turner is a closet nerd. “I have a lot of hobbies, and they’re all pretty nerdy,” says the singer, 34. “I collect baseball cards and Indian artifacts, and I play chess and horseshoes. And when I have time, I go metal detecting. I’ve tried to get my kids to go, but they get bored.”


No frills, no drama: like his idol George Strait, that’s Corbin’s approach. “Country guys are uncomplicated, just straight-forward and hardworking,” says the Trenton, Fla., native who grew up farming his grandparents’ land. Though he’s come a long way since his days working at Ace Hardware, he keeps his routine simple. “I’m not big on beauty products,” says Corbin, 30. “A tube of Chap Stick is pretty much it.”


Sure, he looks good in those tight jeans and plaid shirts that show off his biceps. But that’s not all that makes the “Fly Over States” singer so hot. “There’s a fine line between cockiness and confidence,” says Aldean, 35, the married father of two girls. “Having confidence in whatever you do, being comfortable with who you are and not letting anyone intimidate you-that’s something women like.”


He may have just crossed the 50-year mark, but Adkins won’t be ceding his stake on sexy to any new bucks on the block. “Experience,” he assures, “is an asset.” Age hasn’t lessened his fans’ passion either—not that he minds. “If one of ’em tries to grab my butt, I’ll just poke it out there and say, ‘Go ahead and get you some.’ It’s so cute it’s impossible to take it seriously.” In fact, he’s happy to embrace one perk of growing older: “I look forward to dressing however I want. Old guys wear stripes with plaids and their colors clash, and they don’t care. The pressure’s off.”



No.1 “Virtual Brad doesn’t need photo-shopping. He doesn’t have a bad angle. All his smiles are perfect. There’s never a caught-looking-like-an-idiot shot. He’s what Real Brad looks like when they’re done fixing the album cover.”

No.2 “Real Brad tries to be romantic but ends up looking like he’s trying to be funny even when he’s not. Virtual Brad sends the perfect text or note at just the right time. Real Brad thinks of it too late.”

No.3 “Virtual Brad’s a better listener. He’s never daydreaming about something else while his wife thinks he’s listening. He actually hears everything she says.”

No.4 “When a joke doesn’t work, Virtual Brad can retract it and no one remembers it. Real Brad has to clean up messes all the time.”

No.5 “Virtual Brad’s superior in every way. Well, there is one thing: Those photos that got out on the Internet of Virtual Brad were a big mistake. He didn’t mean for everyone to see. They were meant for someone special. He’s happy for what they did for his career, but he does feel bad about it!”


Despite his bad-boy posturing, Owen is still nice enough to take home to your parents-and smart enough to listen to his. “About five years ago, I wrote the song ‘Don’t Think I Can’t Love You’ based on what I learned from my mom and dad growing up,” says Owen, 30. “They’ve been married for more than 30 years, and my dad has always said love is the best thing you can offer a woman. My parents are still so happy and romantic with each other. They make me believe in love.”


The “This Ole Boy” singer thinks he knows a little something about what women want. “Women are attracted to real men,” he says. “Men who don’t mind getting a little dirt under their nails.” Having celebrated 24 years with wife Karen thus far, Morgan, 47, also knows a trick or two about holding her attention. “Confidence is more attractive than anything,” he says. But as for what his wife finds attractive? “My smile would be the answer that doesn’t embarrass her, but she also thinks I have a nice butt!”


After nearly two decades in the business, Chesney, 44, is still filling stadiums as country’s good-time guy, but his true draw lies far deeper than his party-boy persona. “He’s this incredibly buff, in-shape dude, but there’s a vulnerability about him,” says songwriting pal Matraca Berg, who, with Deana Carter, cowrote his hit “You and Tequila.” “There’s just a little cry in his voice that makes him appealing. There’s an openness and a warmth, but a little loneliness too.”

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