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Meet Big Red, the Most Prodigious Package of Porcine Poundage to Come Down the Pike

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How big is big? Very big, if you’re a pig. Take Big Red, for instance. Big Red is sooo big that…well, at 3 years, 9 months old, he’s 4′ tall and 8′ long, and last weighed in at 2,660 pounds. Big Red may well be the world’s biggest pig.

His ex-owner, farmer Nathaniel Drummond, 72, has never seen a hog so hefty in 25 years of raising pigs. “He was 6 months old when I got him and he weighed about 100 pounds,” says Drummond, who has about 40 porkers of all sizes wallowing around his property in Cuba, Ala. “He took his second growth. I never knew a hog to do that before.” Before Big Red, a Duroc hog, grew so large that he had to be castrated because he couldn’t service the sows, he sired “every bit of 210 pigs,” says Drummond.

After getting Big Red weighed at a nearby salvage company last fall, Drummond decided, at the urging of friends, to go public with the swell swine and charged folks a buck to gaze on His Hugeness. Not long ago, however, Drummond was all set to butcher Big Red, until the owner of a Massachusetts animal show intervened and bought him for $3,000. Drummond, of course, put the money in his piggy bank.