Monica Rizzo
June 22, 2009 12:00 PM

NOW 161 LBS.


When asked how much she weighs, Maureen McCormick replies, “Do you want me to find out?” then goes and grabs a scale. When she steps onto it for the moment of truth, the Brady Bunch star glances down and gasps: “Oh my gosh! Do you see what it says?” The red needle points to 161 lbs.—which is 43 lbs. more than when McCormick, 52, won VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club in ’07. Since then, however, “I’ve let myself go,” admits the 5’3″ star, who rarely works out—or says no to a milkshake. “The weight slowly crept back on. Then I just didn’t care anymore.” Recently, however, her size has made it “hard to bend over and put on shoes, which made me realize I have to start over” with a healthy eating plan, says McCormick. “This is the fattest you’ll ever see me!”

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