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August 13, 2007 12:00 PM

For Matt Damon good things come in threes: This month he follows up Ocean’s Thirteen, his third rat pack outing with Brad Pitt and George Clooney, with The Bourne Ultimatum, his third stint as assassin Jason Bourne. And nearly three years ago, Damon, 36, wed Luciana Barroso, mother of his daughter Isabella (who was born last June). He sat down with PEOPLE’s Oliver Jones to tackle your questions about fatherhood, his friendship with Ben Affleck and whether he has what it takes to be PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive.

How has fatherhood changed your life?


Scotia, N.Y.

Well, it changed it in so many ways. It is a little indescribable, like trying to explain a guitar chord to somebody. I can just say that it broadens your world and deepens the things that you feel. It is a really wonderful thing.

What are things you do to pass the time when you’re away from your wife and daughter and on location?


Detroit, Mich.

Well, I travel with my family, so we stay together. When I am on location, and they are at the hotel, my daughter doesn’t let me sleep. Actually [Bourne Ultimatum director] Paul Greengrass said about halfway [through shooting] that it was really helping the characterization of Bourne that I wasn’t sleeping, because I looked really haggard, like I was in some kind of existential pain. It was just lack of sleep, because of my child. She’s a method daughter!

What would you say if your daughter grew up to cheer for a team other than the Red Sox?


Vancouver, B.C.

You mean before I disowned her, what would I say? There aren’t words for that kind of rebellion!

Do you and Ben Affleck ever talk about writing together again?


Cleveland, Ohio

A lot. Ben’s career has taken this exciting turn because he has directed a movie out in October called Gone Baby Gone, which is fantastic. it opens up all these doors for us: We can do movies that he directs and I act in, or we could cowrite and codirect.

What was the first expensive thing you bought once you made it big?


Garden Grove, Calif.

Ben and I bought matching Jeep Grand Cherokees, I am ashamed to say. That was our dream car. We flipped a coin on the color. We both wanted Hunter green and I won. I got green; he got black. We got his-and-his Cherokees.

George Clooney has campaigned for you to be PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive. If you were honored with this prestigious title, what would it mean to you?


Chino Hills, Calif.

Well, it would mean a chance for me to move closer towards my goal of world peace! No I don’t think so. What would mean more to me actually is if George three-peated. He would be the first ever to three-peat! I would get him a Sexiest Man Alive three-peat T-shirt. So I encourage whoever votes for these things to take that into account.

Will there be another installment, or is The Bourne Ultimatum the last one?


Troy, Mo.

We never did these movies with an eye towards the next one. One thing is certain: My character finds all the answers that he is looking for [in Ultimatum], so we’ll have to take the story in a new direction. Someone suggested that the next movie could be about Bourne losing his car keys. We could get 90 minutes out of that: “I thought I hung them on the hook!”

What would you like to be remembered for?


Miami, Fla.

Hitting the homer that won the Red Sox their first World Series in 86 years. So what if I didn’t? If you said I did, people would believe it. Everyone believes what they say in PEOPLE!

VIDEO: See Matt Damon taking more of your questions at PEOPLE.COM/MATTDAMON

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