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Marrying in Haste

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It was in some ways, a traditional wedding. The bride wore white. She carried a bouquet of pink silk roses. And she was glowing—as anyone would be after running 13 miles.

The beaming, slightly out-of-breath bride. Lorin Johnson, 30, an Alaska Airlines flight attendant, had met her groom, Peter Elkin, 35, an Irvine, California-based real estate consultant, two years ago, after they had both finished running the Los Angeles Marathon. When he proposed last fall, they decided that the 1992 marathon, held last week, would be the perfect place to exchange their vows.

Flanked by 12 members of the wedding party, the two ran the course side by side—he in black shorts and she in a specially made lace dress, designed for maximum movement and minimum moisture. “I kissed her all along the route,” says Elkin, “and the crowd went nuts.” At the wedding area on Hollywood Boulevard, he slipped into a tux jacket and she traded in her knee-length veil for one that trailed behind her white Reeboks. After Johnson and her parents progressed down a while paper carpel, the couple exchanged rings and vowed devotion “in times of health and in times of sports injury.”

Then, after what Universal Life Church minister (and fellow marathoner) Tim Egan called “the most meaningful rest stop of their lives,” they trotted off as husband and wife, finishing the race in 5 hr. and 13 min. It was, Johnson says, their slowest time ever. Love will not be hurried.