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Marc Anthony: Sexiest Salsa Singer

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Here are some things you probably don’t know about Marc Anthony: He lounges around the house in Calvin Klein pajama bottoms; he scrubs the bathroom sink sparkling clean every time he uses it; and, he says, he is obsessed with facts. The 33-year-old music man collects presidential letters (“I have every single President from George Washington to Clinton, framed and in storage”), owns “a whole room full of documentaries—probably 4,500,” and at night he cuddles up with his wife, 1993’s Miss Universe, Dayanara Torres, to watch the Discovery Channel. “He just loves history, and he’s got me loving it too,” says Torres, 27. “Once, we were watching a documentary on seals and I said ‘Oh my God, they are sooo cute!’ The next day he came home with a stuffed toy seal for me. He’s always surprising me.”

The 5’8″ Anthony, who releases his fourth CD, Libre, this month, is full of surprises. Since the birth of son Cristian 10 months ago (he also has a 7-year-old daughter, Arianna, from a previous relationship), he prefers to stay close to home, relaxing with candles, classical music and books. Weather permitting, he and Dayanara unwind in their Long Island backyard on a love seat he made himself. “My wife mentioned how nice it would be to have a little bench,” he says. “So I built her one.” What won’t he do for Torres? “Cook,” he says. “A breakfast back rub—that’s more my forte.”