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“Diana, the People’s Princess, would have felt proud to pass her crown to Kate, the new Queen of Hearts”

Cheryl Wiggins Gulf Breeze, Fla.

Kate Middleton is a lovely girl and appears to be the best thing that has happened to the British monarchy since Princess Diana. I wish her and Prince William all the best in the world for a happy life. But what a tragedy that William’s mother is not there to be the one to advise her son’s wife.

CJ Longstreth Rochester Hills, Mich.

I’m tired of the adulation poured upon Kate Middleton. She’s a fine young woman who will have a wonderful, privileged life. But I don’t care about her grocery shopping, hemlines or public engagements.

Rebecca Abel via e-mail


I appreciate the article on real women and their real sizes. It’s good to see women showing that it’s not size and weight that matters but a healthy lifestyle.

Maddie Walter via e-mail

It drives me crazy that all the advice celebrities give about taking care of their bodies involves personal trainers and the ability to spend tons of time at the gym. I don’t have enough time, energy or money to go to the gym or hire a chef to cook healthy food for me. It’s unrealistic. I also wish you hadn’t included Paris Hilton, who is not a role model. However, I did enjoy the Serena Williams article. She is gorgeous! She seemed to be the one who truly revealed her insecurities but was still relatable.

Shelby van Santen Potomac, Md.

I was disturbed by the “Most Buzzed About Body Parts” section. As someone who works with young children who live in a society that worships being thin, I feel we haven’t evolved very far. What happened to women being empowered and valued for their minds instead of their curves?

Jennifer Calvert Concord, N.C.


It’s sad how the Anthony Weiner scandal has affected a lovely lady, his wife, Huma. She did not deserve the humiliation he heaped upon her.

Phoebe Lambeth Orange, Calif.


The responsibility of what has happened falls on Arnold Schwarzenegger and the former housekeeper Mildred Baena. Their son Joseph should receive no less compassion than Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s children: He did not ask to be born and thrust into the public before the world’s judgment. How could this not get out at some point?

Michele Balzano Elgin, Ill.


Thank you for the article about the descendants of slaves and their owners. It is refreshing to see how these people accept each other and realize that equality and overcoming discrimination is what Martin Luther King Jr. had in mind when he had a dream.

Cassandra Kopecky Washington, D.C.


Our June 27 story on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’s ongoing recovery inspired reader Carol Stewart to write: “Nothing made my week like the sight of the smiling face of Gabrielle Giffords.” The smiles continue. Giffords made her first public appearance last week, rising from her wheelchair to kiss astronaut husband Mark Kelly as he was honored in Houston. Over Father’s Day weekend she visited her Tucson office, teasing staff that the plants needed watering. Adding that his energetic boss has gone out to dinner and visited Florida twice, spokesman C.J. Karamargin says, “Gabby is not going to stay cooped up.”