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“Sandra has shown women around the world that you can bounce back from a painful relationship”

Joleana Johnson

via e-mail

Congratulations on another outstanding year-end issue! I always wait until the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over to enjoy this edition. It’s an excellent reminder of the good, the bad and the ugly each year.

Mary Brown

Bethalto, Ill.

I admire Sandra Bullock, but she is not Woman of the Year to me. Elizabeth Edwards should have received that title for the year, as well as for the decade. From the time she was diagnosed with cancer until her recent death, she showed nothing but courage. She endured so much and remained brave and truly remarkable.

Rene J. Turner

Stephenville, Texas

While the trapped Chilean miners and the earthquake in Haiti were terrible events, the devastation of the BP oil spill should have been recognized more in the issue for all the Americans still suffering and who will be for decades to come.


via e-mail

I was very disappointed to see the picture accompanying the Bret Michaels interview in the issue. While I appreciate all he has gone through in his recovery from his life-threatening brain hemorrhage, I was disturbed to see him surrounded by a bunch of high-heeled, dolled-up caricatures of nurses. As a registered nurse who has practiced for over 40 years, I was upset to see my profession displayed in such a degrading manner.

Linda Grant

Waterloo, Ont.

I was stuck in Chicago for a night on my way to Europe and extremely frustrated. However, that emotion paled to how I felt when I saw the photograph of Sarah Palin holding what appears to be a fallen caribou by the antlers, and her quote about her reality show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, explaining, “What America’s missing right now: a family-oriented, get-outdoors-and-enjoy-God’s-creation kind of show.” I, for one, prefer to observe these beautiful creatures alive in their own habitat.

Barbara Schelbert

via e-mail


I enjoy a celebration as much as the next person, but I was stunned at the excess described in the article about Nicole Richie‘s wedding. I can’t help but think of the good that might have been accomplished with the money spent on this “dream” event. I guess some people dream of elephants and some dream of their next meal.

Gretchen McCallister

Orlando, Fla.

I have loved reading about Nicole Richie, Joel Madden and their adorable children. She seems to have matured into such a devoted mom. I always wished she and Joel Madden would marry, so I was delighted to see the pictures of her wedding! Her gown was just beautiful. I must say I was very jealous of the elephant at their wedding—I wish I’d thought of that for mine!

Lynn Thomason

via e-mail


Readers were moved by our tribute in the Dec. 27 issue to the servicemen and women who lost their lives in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. “The individuals’ names listed served as a reminder that they were someone’s son, daughter, spouse, mother, father and friend,” said Margaret Huffman of Las Vegas. The story had special meaning for some readers. “Thank you for publishing my brother’s name, Marine Sgt. Frank R. Zaehringer lll,” wrote Nicole Scott of Reno, Nev. “He and all the others deserve credit for the ultimate sacrifice of giving their lives.”