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January 17, 2011 12:00 PM


“Love, grace, courage, beauty, loyalty—what a fabulous legacy Elizabeth has left for her children”

Debbie Mitchell

Atascadero, Calif.

Thank you for the beautiful cover story on the life of Mrs. Edwards and her brave battle against breast cancer. There is a collective sense of grief here in the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill). All of us identified with Elizabeth because she was Everywoman. In her we could see our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends. I believe most people do not fear death so much as they fear being forgotten. Elizabeth Edwards will never be forgotten.

Celeste Lilly

Raleigh, N.C.

For much of her life, Mrs. Edwards personified grace under pressure. I applaud her gallant efforts in the face of the tragedies she faced. Her journey reminds us that no matter what happens to us along our path, we can move forward and build a new life. In Elizabeth’s case—with her son’s death, her breast cancer and her husband’s affair—she rebuilt her life multiple times.

Mary Mac

via e-mail

I appreciate the care and depth that was on display in this story. It showed how Elizabeth embodied the character, confidence and spirit that all young women should aspire to. How I admire her.

Terry Stephens

Rochester Hills, Mich.

Mrs. Edwards was truly a class act. She handled everything with such strength and dignity. As I fight my own breast cancer battle, I will look to Elizabeth as an example of how to be courageous.

Jacki Jones

Plano, Ill.


Hats off to Celine for sharing her life of breast-feeding and the loving family bed. In this era of “hands off” parenting, it’s refreshing to read about a mom taking care of her babies as nature intended: close to the breast and close to the heart. Now, if I could just get a big bed like Celine’s for my family of six!

Sandra Stehly

Hilliard, Ohio


Ms. Fonda admits to battling bulemia in the past, but to me she still appears to be bulimic. She’s 5’8″ and only 121 lbs.? We can give our bones a healthy workout by carrying around an appropriate amount of body weight. For Jane that would be about 145 lbs. She needs to get some meat on those new hips and knees.

Linda Minnis

Huntsville, Ont.


Regarding the letter from Diane Borgardt, who chastised Barbra Streisand for building a barn as an art project “in this economy,” I feel Ms. Streisand should be applauded for this. Between carpenters, construction crews, plumbers, electricians and painters, she probably employed 20 people. I think her actions did more to improve the situation than had she chosen to merely make a donation somewhere.

Steven Bogan

via e-mail


In our Dec. 27 issue, we misstated the name of Dexter star Jennifer Carpenter. We regret this error.


Some readers heaped praise on Julian Assange, including Kenneth Zimmerman of Huntington Beach, Calif., who called the WikiLeaks founder “courageous, bold and dedicated.” But Mary Meacham, who has relatives deployed in the Mideast, blasted Assange for “putting my husband and family members in harm’s way.” In order to pay his mounting legal bills and keep his organization afloat, the spiller of state secrets sold his memoir for more than $1 million to Canongate in the U.K. and Alfred A. Knopf in New York City. “I don’t want to write this book,” said Assange, “but I have to.”

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