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“Elizabeth Taylor was as close to royalty as America has ever had. There won’t be anyone quite like her again”

Ro Derek, Niceville, Fla.

I felt such a loss as I read your article on Elizabeth Taylor’s passing. I will never forget when I saw her in person. Her magnetism was overwhelming. It was like the queen bee had arrived at the hive and all of her subjects buzzed around her in pure excitement. She had this power to draw all attention toward her. Her beauty was transcendent. Dame Elizabeth, you will be very much missed.

Richard Lovato

Los Angeles, Calif.

Elizabeth Taylor was the greatest movie star ever and was also a ravishing beauty and a brave soldier in the fight against HIV/AIDS. She was simply the best.

Bill Goulding

via e-mail

The outstanding story on Elizabeth Taylor was a fitting tribute. I feel like running through the streets of Hollywood with the issue and yelling, “This is a Star.”

Anna Alisha Swaim

via e-mail


Thank you for your article on American Idol alums! They are so talented. Just one oversight: David Archuleta wasn’t mentioned. Besides his album sales, Archuleta has been a New York Times bestselling author with his book Chords of Strength, and he even sings in other languages. Not too shabby for a now 20-year-old.

Elsa Tovar

via e-mail


While I’m happy for the women who have lost weight in your Shedding for the Wedding makeovers, I have to comment about their new dress sizes. Their dress labels may say “size 6” or “size 10” but today’s size 6 or size 10 isn’t the same as what it used to be. Clothing stores have supersized just like fast foods over the years. But I hope the women will keep up the good work on their journey to better health, which will actually bring them greater happiness than any dress size could ever offer.

Teri F. Lupoli

via e-mail


As a mother of a child who stutters, I have been thrilled with the coverage of stuttering thanks to the film The King’s Speech. Your story on John Stossel’s speech impediment inspired me, my son and hopefully many Americans. If you are a stutterer or a parent of one, you know the pain associated with stuttering is more from the emotional anguish than the actual stutter itself.

Stacy Jolley

Omaha, Neb.


What a treat to see a feature on Nathan Fillion. I watch Castle for his smile alone. And I savor a crime show with a sense of humor and a delightful cast. It’s my guilty pleasure.

Diana Denny

Indianapolis, Ind.


In the April 11 issue in Scoop, we incorrectly identified the gun Jesse James is holding as a .44 magnum revolver. In our April 18 issue, we misspelled the show Downton Abbey in the TV section. We regret the errors.


Readers were inspired by our April 11 story on mother Katy Hayes and her perseverance despite losing her limbs to a raging infection. “Thanks to the Hayeses for showing us the true meaning of family, love and the value of life,” wrote Elaine Stack of Ballston Lake, N.Y. Added Jacque Krimpelbein via e-mail: “She saw the real gift to give her children was being around for them, no matter what her body may be like now.” For reader Shirley Faauaa Bennett, Hayes’s story struck a personal chord: “I am facing back surgery and the story filled me with hope.”