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“I am rooting for Emily and Brad to successfully make the transition from ‘reality’ to reality”

Melissa Nonkovic

via e-mail

Emily shouldn’t worry about Brad—the love he has for her is written all over him. As long as these two focus on each other, everything will work itself out.

D. Brown

via e-mail

It is a sad day when a relationship between contestants on a television show is your cover story and one of the most devastating natural disasters in history is relegated to a sidebar. I hope that the Japanese here and abroad know that not all of us are confused about what is truly newsworthy.

Joanne Salch

Scarsdale, N.Y.

I am glad that Brad and Emily are taking it slow. They should keep dating, live together, get married and then think about bringing a child into their world. Good luck to both of them.

Tia Jones

via e-mail


Japan’s tsunami destroyed everything in its path, but it couldn’t destroy the human spirit and the universal impulse to help those in need. Let’s all say a prayer for those who are suffering from the devastation of this tragic event.

Susan Marie Davniero

via e-mail


Tracy Ross is wrong when she says of her sexually abusive stepfather and herself, “He’s not a monster and I’m not an angel.” Monsters sneak into bedrooms at night and abuse innocent little girls. Angels forgive and spread their light throughout the world. Tracy, I hope at some point you will realize you are a brave and wonderful angel.

Maryilene Blondell

via e-mail


I am glad Mike Tyson has embarked on a new path. He is showing us that even the most controversial and troubled people on the planet can heal and begin again. I am solidly in his corner.

Evelyn Margot

Boston, Mass.


As a new mom of three months, I was bothered by yet another of your “Body After Baby” articles. These stories place unrealistic expectations on real-life moms and send the troubling message that our first priority should be our own bodies. I made the choice to spend the first few months of my baby’s life bonding with him rather than running to the gym or planning my meals. While I may not have the perfect post-baby body, I have succeeded in creating a loving and balanced home life for my child.

Kelli Fowle

Haverhill, Mass.


A caption in our April 11 cover story on the death of Elizabeth Taylor misidentified her daughters. In the photo on page 70, Liza is on the far left, and Maria is on the right. In the same issue, we printed an incorrect set of answers on the Puzzler page. Readers can find the correct answers on by using the following URL link: In the Scoop section of our March 28 issue, we misspelled the name of actress Malin Akerman. We regret the errors.


Ending a story that shocked readers of our March 21 issue, a Utah state judge called Keith Brown, 55, “a danger to society” and sentenced him to 10 years to life in prison for having sexually abused his three daughters—best known, with their brothers, as the classical music quintet the 5 Browns. Abused in the ’90s, before Keith served as their comanager, the sisters, Desirae, now 32, Deondra, 30, and Melody, 27, turned their father in when he said he would manage other young acts. “I applaud his children in trying to convict him not for their own gain,” e-mailed reader Wendy Marshall, “but to protect any child that he may try to ‘mentor.'”