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“Thank you for your coverage of the prince and his princess; Diana would have been so proud of William”

Diane Passamonte, East Hampton, N.Y.

I fully understand the media’s nonstop coverage of this lovely young woman, Kate Middleton, as she prepares to wed Prince William. I sincerely hope the same media will not turn on her after she marries.

Jackie Loges

Warren, Ohio


I read the Billy Ray Cyrus article with much skepticism. Cyrus, like many people today, seems simply unwilling to accept his responsibility for the breakdown of his family. How he and his family handled their fame had everything to do with the results. When they entered the business, they should have recognized that fame is something with which to be reckoned. If they all handled it with maturity and wisdom, the breakdown could have been avoided.

J. Rodney Taylor

Franklin, Tenn.

When Billy Ray Cyrus mentioned a California sign saying “Sponsored by United Atheists of America,” he seemed to be suggesting some sort of connection between moral decline and atheism. Plenty of atheists, like myself, raise morally grounded, responsible children. Being your child’s “friend” is easy. Being a parent is hard. Intolerance of others’ points of view isn’t the answer.

Bethany Perkins

Spartanburg, S.C.


I felt disgusted after reading your article on Ivana Trump’s mansion. The tableau vivant displayed in the story reveals a life filled with excess and little else. While many Americans are in danger of losing their jobs and homes, a concern for Ivana is more like whether her pool water is warm enough.

Bernadette Tilger

Burbank, Calif.


Lara Logan’s ordeal—the brutal sexual assault and beating in Egypt—was horrible. My heart breaks for her. I hope she is able to heal both physically and mentally. I am touched by and thankful for the brave Egyptian women who sacrificed their own safety to save a foreigner from a far worse fate.

Sarah Miller

Bryn Mawr, Pa.


Sen. Scott Brown represents the spirit of survival for all of us who experienced the horrors of childhood sexual abuse, including myself. There are many childhood abuse survivors who have worked hard to recover and now live full and happy lives. Scott Brown serves as an example to those still struggling that the journey is worth the effort. Many thanks to Scott and his wife, Gail, for sharing this important truth.

Lori Lamb

Peoria, Ariz.


Who cares about Justin Bieber’s new haircut in Scoop other than preteen girls? What is more important is the question, “Can he sing?” Do you really think he could win the grand prize on American Idol?

Richard Orona

Napa, Calif.


Several readers of our story about Texas’ J.J. Pearce High School landing in the Guinness World Records 2011 book for most multiples in a single grade (11 sets) said their schools might have just as many. Indeed, Southbury, Conn.’s Pomperaug High School broke the record with 13 sets of twins but didn’t register in time to appear in the most recent Guinness book. Former President Clinton even gave a special mention to the Pomperaug twins in an address for their graduation. “They were beaming,” says principal Lorrie Rodrigue. “The twins had an awesome year.”