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“Kudos to Christina for sharing her beautiful daughter and bravely revealing her life after cancer”

LuVerda Martin

Mequon, Wisc.

It’s an inspiring breath of fresh air to see Christina Applegate face life’s challenges, conquer them and bring that little angel Sadie into the world. Christina is a real survivor who will always remain positive and strong.

Melissa Hudson

Pittsburg, Calif.

As for Christina Applegate’s concern about passing the breast cancer gene to her daughter, let’s just hope and pray that we will have finally cured this terrible disease by the time Sadie is old enough to worry about it.

Maureen Maloney

Forest Park, Ill.

Thank you so much for the photos of Christina Applegate and her new baby. The love in Christina’s eyes as she looked at her daughter Sadie brought tears to mine.

Denise Oplinger

Addison, Ill.


The path Charlie Sheen has chosen—glamorizing drugs, random sex and alcohol—will only devastate his parents, his siblings and, worst of all, his children. He is a poster boy for the lifestyle of the spoiled Hollywood celebrity.

Stephanie North

via e-mail


In an era that promotes vanity, power and selfishness, the Larges’ decision to give away the entirety of their $11.2 million lottery winnings is an almost unheard of act of charity. Their actions have strengthened my belief in the common man and made me realize there are still some pretty awesome folks out there in the world.

Toni Baxley

via e-mail


Now we have a case where a Catholic priest has taken things a step further and allegedly hired a hit man to murder the underage boy he is accused of raping. It is shocking how the church went to such lengths to cover for this man by moving him from parish to parish. As a Catholic, I wonder how much longer I have to wait until my faith is cleansed of these sick people?

Diane Szlucha

Owego, N.Y.


I admire Carolyn Savage immensely for carrying and giving birth to another couple’s baby because of an IVF mix-up, even though she knew she would be surrendering the infant to its biological parents. If it wasn’t for Carolyn, baby Logan would not be 17 months old now. Carolyn and her husband, Sean, certainly made a bittersweet choice, but it was the right one.

Maricela Rascon

San Pablo, Calif.


In the book review section of our March 7 issue, we incorrectly stated that the film The King’s Speech was based on the book The King’s Speech: How One Man Saved The British Monarchy, coauthored by Peter Conradi and Mark Logue, the grandson of King George VI’s speech therapist Lionel Logue. In fact, the book and the film have no connection. PEOPLE regrets the error.


In our June 7, 2010, story, readers came to know Texan Ally Smith as the “Bionic Bride,” thanks to the lifesaving device that pumped her blood when her heart couldn’t. But after she wed Mike Babineaux on June 26, her condition deteriorated, and she was hospitalized in January of this year. The good news: Babineaux underwent a successful heart transplant on Feb. 8. Her first question after surgery: “What kind of machine do I have in me?” Mom Krista Smith replied, “No, baby. You have a heart.” Still, Ally would prefer to hang on to that now familiar nickname. “You’ll always be the Bionic Bride,” her mother told her, “but now you can be a regular wife.”