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“Seeing Sandra with her little boy, I take comfort knowing she is in love again-an unconditional love”

Toni “TJ” Martini, Reno, Nev.

When one door closes, another door opens-that is exactly what happened to Sandra Bullock. Sandra can let go of Jesse James and all the hurt. Now she can put all of her love and energy into her son Louis. You can see how much she loves the little boy, who seems like a godsend. I wish Sandra all the happiness in the world.

Judy Young

Rotterdam, N.Y.

In your article a friend of Jesse James says, “Jesse’s priority has always been his children and what is best for them.” If James’ priority was his children, he would not have been unfaithful and subjected the kids to the heartache.

Alison Shurtleff

Benicia, Calif.


It’s encouraging to read about the progress New Orleans is making in recovering from the horrible effects of Hurricane Katrina. However, as a resident of Mississippi, I would like to remind everyone that the Gulf coast of Mississippi was also devastated by the storm. We continue as well to struggle to rebuild our small cities, homes, businesses and lives. With the fifth anniversary of Katrina upon us, I commend the resilience and quiet strength of my fellow Mississippians, who also are picking up the pieces of their lives and moving forward.

Peggy Frazier

Pascagoula, Miss.


I think the pictures of Leelee Sobieski and daughter Louisanna should be considered for photo of the year in PEOPLE’s year-end issue. They were just so adorable!

Andy Hampton

DeKalb, III.

In the celebrity cribs section, I question Vern Yip’s choices. He says that kid-oriented stuff is “not practical.” Children need toys and child-size furniture that is durable and easy to clean. What about when that beautiful piece of furniture gets colored all over by markers?

Melanie Borin

Citrus Heights, Calif.


I was deeply saddened to read in Scoop that Michael Douglas was diagnosed with a tumor in his throat. He’s a Hollywood icon who has given us so much through his movies. I wish him a full recovery.

Mario H. Casuga

Royal Palm Beach, Fla.


Your cover posed the question whether Lindsay Lohan‘s family is toxic. Are you kidding me? If Lindsay’s parents knew better, they would have gotten her more help a long time ago. The only way you can have a somewhat normal life as a “star” is to have a strong family base.

J. Chapman

via e-mail


In our Aug. 30 issue, we gave an incorrect location for the Pee-wee Herman picture in Second Look. It is Deadwood, S. Dak. In the same issue we incorrectly stated three ages in the ’90s celeb babies story. Sarah Michelle Gellar is 33; Mario Lopez is 36; and Joey Fatone is 33.



Our article on Yankees’ catcher Jorge Posada and his son’s battle with a disfiguring skull condition hit home with readers who have also dealt with this issue. “The story stirred up my own frightful memories of learning my daughter had craniosynostosis,” said Tina Lowenthal of La Crescenta, Calif. “We could not even pronounce it. Now she is a thriving 14-year-old. I applaud the Posadas’ strength and courage.” Readers were also grateful to the Posada family for raising awareness. “I’m thankful that the Posadas are bringing attention to children who have to deal with this condition every day,” says Karen Lilli of Baltimore. “The story made me feel like my family was not alone.”