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December 27, 2010 12:00 PM


“William and Kate are a breath of fresh air in a world that could really use a bit of true romance”

Sunny Kreis Collins

Palm Desert, Calif.

The cover photo of this issue confirms that Kate Middleton will truly be “a perfect princess.” What’s more, all the great pictures of Kate in her fashionable outfits reminded me so much of Princess Diana. William’s fiancee has the same grace and style as his mother had. Here’s wishing Kate and William all the luck in the world. I can’t wait to watch their wedding on television.

Raquel Boujo

via e-mail

I am as excited for William and Kate as anyone, but it’s not because I am looking forward to watching a fairy-tale wedding on TV. Rather, it’s refreshing to see a couple wait until they completely know one another and are ready to make such an important commitment before marrying. The fact that they have been under so much pressure to wed since they first began their courtship makes it even more impressive that they are following their own timetable. It looks like this is a marriage that will last.

Melissa Fite

Pittsburg, Kans.

Although I am very happy for Prince William and Kate and wish them all the best for their future, I for one do not want to see them on every magazine cover from here on out. Yes, this is big news, but let’s give the couple some space and the rest of us a break from reading everything about their lives.

Melissa Bard

Berwick, N.S.


I want to thank Ms. Phillips for speaking out about how anxiety can literally paralyze a person, because this happened to me. I tried to cure myself, but it wasn’t until I checked into an inpatient facility that I realized how bad off I really was. I am not cured, but I’m much better now, and the skills I learned during my treatment are still serving me well every day. Chynna’s story shows us this experience could happen to anyone.

Sharon Parker

Glendale, Ariz.


Emma Watson has managed to excel in her studies while growing up in the most successful film franchise of all time. Her journey is a useful lesson in overcoming the pitfalls of child stardom. Emma is a wonderful role model for young girls.

Emilie Yount

Chicago, Ill.


Thank you for the great article on a man who is a true champion. Scott Hamilton has endured so many medical problems in his life, yet he keeps on smiling. Now he has lost some of his vision, but he keeps on going with spunk and dignity. He sets a good example for all of us.

Beverly Unsworth

Stevensville, Ont.

Scott Hamilton is a class act. Having overcome his latest crisis, the former Olympian has shown himself to be a gold medal winner as a human being.

Chris Henckel

Newcomb, Md.


Our story on the Twietmeyer family sparked an outpouring of interest from readers considering adopting HIV-positive children. Carolyn and Kiel Twietmeyer added to their brood of seven kids by welcoming into their suburban Chicago home six Ethiopian youngsters, two of them HIV-positive. The couple also started a nonprofit to assist people who might do likewise. Since our story, hits on the website ( have skyrocketed from about 100 to more than 8,000 per day, and nearly 100 donations have been logged. Says Carolyn: “The article has made these kids real, not just statistics, and given them a voice-and that’s huge.”


In our story “Misdiagnosed for Greed?” in the Dec. 6 issue, the city of Dearborn, Mich., was misspelled.

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