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December 20, 2010 12:00 PM


“Christmas came early! Finally, Ryan Reynolds on the cover as Sexiest Man Alive!”

Sumer Secord

Nampa, Idaho

I was [delighted] that a Canadian was picked as the 2010 Sexiest Man Alive. He’s lovely. What clinched it for me was his quote about what’s Canadian sexy: “We apologize virtually on demand. For anything.” I rolled on the floor with laughter because it is so true. That’s a typically sexy Canadian: talented, handsome, fit and, most significantly, self-deprecating.

Pat Bailey

Kelowna, British Columbia

There was a misunderstanding here. Ryan Reynolds’ wife, Scarlett Johansson, is sexy.

Kirsten Conover

via e-mail

Ryan Reynolds is the whole package! He’s not only good looking but has a great wit and personality. You found a gem with a great future.

Norma Frederick

Kenton, Ohio

I love this year’s Sexiest Man, Ryan Reynolds. He’s a doll. But, as an African American, I’m disappointed that you’ve only had one African American and no other men of color on the cover as the sexiest. What about Terrence Howard, Michael Ealy or Daniel Dae Kim? As a lady who likes variety, as I’m sure many women do, these guys deserve some consideration.

Rosana Bates

via e-mail

Let’s give credit where it is due-to the honorable, brave and humble Army Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta, the first living person to receive the Medal of Honor since Vietnam. We could all learn a lesson in greatness from him. He is not only an incredible man but the Sexiest Man Alive by far.

Jenell Hughes

Clear Lake, Iowa


I am thrilled to hear that Kate Middleton and Prince William will marry next year. Seeing the ring of William’s mother on this lovely young lady’s finger brought back many memories of Diana, Princess of Wales. Best wishes to William and Kate, and I hope they have a wonderful life together!

Victoria Ann Rockino

Brooklyn Park, Minn.


After decades of sharing her magnificent talents with fans, it is a joy to see Barbra Streisand content and serene in her personal life. She is an inspiration to all who strive for excellence.

Al Menotti

Des Plaines, III.

I enjoyed reading the article on Barbra Streisand’s “dream home” until I got to the statement that the barn “was my art project-I don’t live in it.” What? In this economy, she builds a 10,400-sq.-ft. barn as an art project? Please tell me there is a redeeming ending to this story, like she will sell it and donate the money to help people who have lost their homes to foreclosure. Come on, Barbra, you’re better than that.

Diane Borgardt

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Our choices (or omissions) fueled a hot debate about hot men among readers. Here are some of your picks:

Jon Hamm

Turned to page 80, and one look at Jon Hamm is all I need to see!

Marilyn Moore

Fremont, Calif.

Alexander Skarsgard

Have you seen hotness personified: [True Blood’s] Alexander Skarsgard?


via e-mail

Idris Elba

You overlooked one of the yummiest hunks on the planet: Idris Elba from The Big C!

Pam Zubko

Redlands, Calif.

Johnny Depp

You got it wrong. [The Sexiest Man Alive] will always be Johnny Depp!

Tami Madsen

Graham, Wash.


In the Holiday Gift Guide in the Dec. 6 issue, we misstated the game system Justin Bieber plays on. The singer uses the Xbox 360 Kinect. We regret the error.

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