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“William and Kate’s overdue engage-ment would usher in a new royal era and lift their nation’s spirits”

Michael Aaron Gallagher

Syracuse, N.Y.

I’m so ready for Prince William and Kate Middleton to get married. They already exchange the familiar glances of husband and wife. I love it!

Diane Earhart

Belleville, Ill.

Really? Yet another article on the wedding buzz surrounding Prince William and Kate Middleton? The couple are not even engaged!

T. Schneider

Pittsburgh, Pa.

(As we went to press, the happy couple announced their engagement.)


I don’t doubt Camille Grammer is hurt by the airing of dirty laundry regarding her split from Kelsey Grammer. But if she really wants sympathy, she probably shouldn’t be photographed in an evening gown in a boat on her pond. As someone who has been through a divorce, I can attest to the emotional upheaval you feel. But I also didn’t have the financial means that typically go with a celebrity lifestyle. Money doesn’t heal all wounds, but it certainly takes away some of the problems many divorced moms face.

Paige Lund

via e-mail

I am absolutely appalled at Kelsey Grammer’s behavior toward his family. It’s bad enough that he treated his wife with such disrespect after years of marriage. But for him to say “I have some obligations on the West Coast to my children” is absolutely ridiculous. I hope he wakes up and realizes his kids should be his No. 1 priority.

Audrey Saucerman

Woodland, Calif.


Enough with The Bachlorette’s Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez. I knew when she was talking about wedding plans months ago that it wouldn’t work. When this couple do get married and start fighting about real issues—not arguing about their Wii—then I’ll start believing that their relationship is genuine.

Jessica Lozano-Delgado

Visalia, Calif.


I’m glad swimmer Amanda Beard is getting her life back together after her struggles with bulimia and cutting. Many times people don’t see that our Olympians are just young people who can have problems.

Anthony Parisi

Gloucester City, N.J.


Whatever the weight, you are as beautiful now as you were before. Congratulations on your weight loss! I applaud your success.

Monika Downing

Redmond, Wash.


People are starving all over the world, and he’s talking in Scoop about replacing his lower teeth with diamonds and gold because it “looked cooler!” Couldn’t that money have been better spent providing food to those who have nothing to eat?

Joan M. Schmitt

Dubuque, Iowa


Readers praised our 2010 Heroes Among Us Award winner Dr. Timothy Miller and the injured servicemen whose faces he helped rebuild. “I was deeply touched by the empathy of Dr. Miller and by the courage of the four military men,” said Megan Swope of Dillsburg, Pa. “There’s not a more sincere demonstration of dedication to one’s country and fellow citizens. Each also serves as an example to others in how to turn tragedy into triumph.” Adds reader Cissie Andrews of Monrovia, Calif.: “My vote for PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive: Those military men and their wonderful doctor.”