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“Taylor Swift is a sweet girl, but won’t rehashing her relationships in song hurt her social life?”

Michael Gersch, Whittier, Calif.

Thank you for the superb cover story on Taylor Swift. This young lady is really one of a kind. What she lacks in years, she makes up for in talent and candor.

Jennifer White

via e-mail

I loved reading about my favorite singer Taylor Swift. She lives in the spotlight but steers clear of trouble, and that makes her a great role model for young women everywhere.

Nicole Thaxton

via e-mail


I am all for father-daughter bonding, but encouraging one’s 5-year-old daughter to strut around onstage wearing revealing clothing and a spray tan only adds to our culture’s unhealthy obsession with external appearance. I am so thankful my husband spends time bonding with my girls by coaching soccer, helping with homework and teaching them how to respect nature and other people. He doesn’t need to dress them up in rhinestones and bikinis: Our girls shine just as they are.

Ellen Rozics

Phoenix, Md.

My family was a reluctant witness to this child-beauty-pageant mentality while on a recent vacation at a Daytona summer resort. These poor kids were not allowed to “mess up their hair and makeup” and had to sit and watch others enjoying the sun and surf. Why would any caring parent subject a child to an exploitative lifestyle like this?

Georgia Garman

South Beloit, Ill.


Your article on Raquel Welch gave me quite a start. I just couldn’t believe that the beautiful woman looking out at me from your pages was 70 years old. I think she will be adorable forever.

Anthony Parisi

Pennsauken, N.J.


Barbara Billingsley of Leave It to Beaver and Tom Bosley of Happy Days die in the same week and all you could muster by way of a tribute was a hundred or so words combined for these two television icons. And yet you always have several pages available for the latest trivial celebrity breakup. People, I am disappointed with you.

Rachel Heine

via e-mail


I just had to write in praise of Hero Among Us Laura Pople and her Jackson, N.J., boarding facility for pet owners who are going through hard times. What a relief it must be for these struggling folks to know that Laura is making sure that their cherished animals are safe and well cared for—not displaced in a shelter or, even worse, abandoned to the streets.

Sherry Riach

Los Alamitos, Calif.


I hope someday Olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno will reunite with his mother. The meeting could bring unexpected fulfillment to both their lives.

Lance Johnson

via e-mail


On Nov. 7 about 400 family and friends gathered in Fort Collins, Colo., for a memorial service for David Hartley, who, according to his wife, Tiffany, was killed on Sept. 30 by pirates as the Hartleys jet-skiied on a lake on the U.S.-Mexico border. The service at the Timberline Church was highlighted by the presentation to Tiffany of a flag flown over the Texas capitol in her husband’s honor. Among the speakers was David’s cousin Melanie Hood, who said, “My heart aches with the knowledge that he is gone.” Hartley’s body has not been found. His sister Nikki and Tiffany are forming an organization to raise awareness about border violence and hope to testify before Congress.