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“I’m glad Bachelor Brad had the maturity not to marry someone to whom he wasn’t totally committed”

Sherl Hackney

via e-mail

I’m as romantic as the next person, but we all know these reality show relationships rarely last, and why should they? It’s a crazy way to find a soulmate. I’m betting Brad won’t succeed this time around either.

Lynn Sedlack

Avon, Conn.

If Brad is actually serious about seeking a wife, he should not be looking for her on television. By confining his search to the real world, as everyone else does, he’ll have a much better outcome.

Sandra Moreira

via e-mail

Brad Womack as the Bachelor? We’ve been there, done that. I don’t blame him for not picking someone during his first appearance on the show. If he didn’t fall in love, he didn’t fall in love. But bringing him back is just lame.

Kelli Walters

Laguna Niguel, Calif.


No amount of jail time or rehab will help Lindsay if she doesn’t want help. She better get her life together and her career back on track before she becomes just another Hollywood tragedy. I’m in her corner pulling for her, but she’s got to fight the fight.

Janice McBryar

Cleveland, Tenn.

Let’s not forget that Lindsay Lohan has something that few other party girls have: talent. She is an extraordinary actress who is simply incapable of handling a celebrity lifestyle.

Lauren Mason

Newbury Park, Calif.


Kudos to the Rancics for going public with their infertility struggle. Even though tremendous strides have been made in treating this relatively common condition, infertility is typically not openly discussed. Becoming parents isn’t something that happens automatically for every family, and we need to find ways to be more sensitive. It’s bad enough dealing with infertility without being ostracized.

Meg Macmillan

Bernardsville, N.J.

I really feel for Bill and Giuliana Rancic. I had four miscarriages, and each was very difficult to go through. As time went on, it was harder and harder to get excited about being pregnant when I wasn’t sure if I would miscarry or not. But one should never give up hope. I now have four beautiful children, all from full-term pregnancies with no complications. I believe it can happen for the Rancics too!

Rachel Montemagni

Chicopee, Mass.


Thank you for the article on former New York governor Eliot Spitzer. In my opinion, all politicians cheat in one way or another. If Spitzer’s wife can forgive him, so can we.

Lisa Batzel

Kirkwood, N.Y.


Readers empathized on a personal level with Mike Hanley, the Janesville, Wis., assembly-line worker who commutes 500 miles for his job in Kansas City, Kans. Wrote Sara Mullery of Mooresville, N.C.: “With no local jobs and our savings exhausted, my husband is now working on an oil rig in North Dakota, about 2,000 miles away from me and our children.” After Mike’s neighbors read our story they collected a small amount of gas money and some gift certificates for a local pizzeria—gestures that “really had Mike in tears,” says his wife, Laura. Many correspondents agreed with Jim Agan of Jonesboro, Ark., who wrote, “In this era of selfish behavior, Mike Hanley realizes the value of working hard and making sacrifices.”


In the Passages section of our Oct. 11 issue we misspelled the name of New Jersey restaurant Campania. PEOPLE regrets the error.