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“I’d love to see Kate try to make life work as a real mom with a real job-that’s a show I’d actually watch”

Heather Greiner

via e-mail

I was appalled to see Kate Gosselin flaunting her body on the cover. Instead of fame, flat abs and finding a new man, Kate should be focusing on the eight children she brought into the world. As the mother of multiples myself, I know how much dedication it takes. Someone needs to tell Kate that her 15 minutes of fame are over and she should get back to what matters most in life.

Christine Flemming

Chesterfield, Va.

For a woman who complains that “every minute of my life is photographed,” Kate sure seems to like the attention. But what is even more troubling than her “waiting for Mr. Right” attitude is that the mother of five young girls feels that her bikini-perfect body is still not quite good enough. Shame on you, Kate.

Carol Stealey

Diamondhead, Miss.

Kate claims her trip to Mexico was her first time out of the country. The last time I checked, Canada is a different country, and Kate was in Ontario last year promoting her latest book.

Carolyn Greer

Stouffville, Ont.


Thanks for the story updating us on what Liam Neeson has been up to. I am a huge fan of this talented actor, and my heart ached for him after Natasha Richardson’s accident. I wish him all the luck and happiness in the world.

Bebe Selders

Del Mar, Calif.

As a pediatric dietitian, I was very happy to read the comments by Kelly Osbourne, where she said that her recent weight loss was the result of healthy eating and working out. Dietitians have long promoted a balanced lifestyle as the best way to a healthy body. It may not make for an exciting segment on Oprah, but it works.

R. Levitt

San Diego, Calif.


The photo of Cher in a transparent bodysuit was sad and pathetic. Hopefully when she grows up, she will learn that there is a point at which little girls stop playing dress-up and start to present themselves as classy ladies.

J. Willow Muhr

Newberg, Ore.

I like Lady Gaga and her music, but the dress she wore that was made of real meat was totally disgusting. To simply waste an animal for that was in the poorest taste possible. And for her to top it off by saying she is “not a piece of meat” made it even worse. If Lady Gaga wants to get some respect, she should start by not making videos in which she appears wearing next to nothing.

Tamara Aitken

via e-mail


It was wonderful to read the article about this amazing young man. Brryan has taken a terrible situation and used it to encourage others so they can overcome their illness. His story is an inspirational lesson about the power of forgiveness, courage and the human spirit.

Rachel Kaizoji

Anaheim, Calif.


Readers heaped praise on Dena Krishnan, a medical student who tends to patients in their rural homes in Appalachia. “It is so inspiring to read about heroes like Dena who are truly making a difference in this world,” writes Gordon Arbess of Toronto. Medical recruiter Alison Williams of Moore, Okla., adds, “Thank you for shedding light on a huge problem facing rural America: the lack of physicians to provide care.” The next step for Krishnan is landing a residency, and while she has sent out many applications, “if I could pick anywhere, it would be Tennessee,” she says. “I’d love to continue my work there.”