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“The Duggars may think they can afford an unlimited number of children, but the planet cannot”

Penny Althaus Albany, Calif.

While Jim Bob and Michelle are good parents, I question their apparent focus on having more children while their preemie Josie is still fighting for her life. As the father of two small kids, I know how much love and attention each child needs and deserves. The Duggars should consider the kids they have now instead of looking ahead to when they can have the next one.

Stephen Lynch

Charlotte, N.C.

Have the Duggars stopped to think that maybe Josie’s struggles are God’s way of saying “Enough already!”? Their children are being raised by their siblings, not their parents.

Cindy Stewart

Hoover, Ala.

I have long wondered why our society seems to glamorize people who have a ridiculous number of children. There’s no reason to bring so many kids into the world—it is selfish and irresponsible.

Anissa Stone Berger

Marlboro, N.J.

The Duggars are financially capable of caring for all their offspring and do not ask for government assistance. Their children are healthy and happy. Nineteen kids may not be most people’s cup of tea, but it’s their decision, not ours. We should leave them alone and let them raise and enjoy their family.

Judy Katuls

Grand Terrace, Calif.


I admire Jenny Sanford for moving forward in such a positive manner, not only for herself but for her children. Her pain and heartbreak struck a familiar chord for me. Like Mark Sanford, my husband cheated with a woman he called his “soulmate.” He left us to try to be with her. I hope Jenny stays strong and knows that there are better things in life to come.


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How did Heidi Montag expect her mother to react to her having 10 surgical procedures in one day? All mothers think of their children as beautiful and perfect just the way they are. Making so many changes to her appearance was like telling her mother that she had created an inferior child. Heidi’s mom may also be feeling like she is to blame for her daughter’s low self-esteem. Some day Heidi Montag will wake up and realize that a mother’s love is unconditional.

Heidi Pitard

Berlin, Mass.


Thank you for the charming photo of Prince Harry visiting the little boy at the hospital in Barbados. So many magazines play up Harry’s bad boy image that people may fail to see that deep down, this young man has a very big heart.

Kerry Sparks

Houston, Texas



Readers voiced little sympathy for Andrew Young, the former aide to John Edwards who agreed to pose as the father of Edwards’s love child in 2007, then published his tell-all book The Politician in January. M.G. Sampson of Severn, Md., writes, “For Mr. Young to profit off the pain he helped inflict with his lies is symptomatic of what’s wrong with our country today.” Liza Lee of Fond du Lac, Wis., says, “Greed is fool’s gold, Mr. Young. And you dare to whine that Edwards wasn’t loyal?” Last month Young complied with a North Carolina judge’s order and turned over a tape allegedly showing Edwards engaged in a sexual encounter with his mistress Rielle Hunter.


Our review of The Wife’s Tale in our Feb. 22 issue included a photo of a woman who is not the author of that book, Lori Lansens. The woman pictured was Susan A. Clancy, Ph.D., who wrote The Trauma Myth, which was reviewed on the same page. We regret this error.