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March 01, 2010 12:00 PM


“It has been clear for quite a while that John Edwards does not deserve a woman as wonderful as Elizabeth”

Tatiana Lopukhin, via e-mail

Elizabeth Edwards’s unconditional acceptance of John’s “love child” Frances Quinn demonstrates that she is a person of the highest integrity, while John’s continual lies and cover-ups reveal just the opposite.

Eddie Kinnamon

Rancho Cordova, Calif.

My sincerest good wishes and prayers go out to Elizabeth Edwards. If she was strong enough to face John’s past, she can certainly face her own future.

B. J. Murphy

Texarkana, Ark.

John Edwards is upset that Elizabeth wants to check his cell-phone records? A truly repentant husband would gladly provide an accounting of his time and his whereabouts. Once John proves he is trustworthy, he will “get his life back,” and not before.

Cheryl Chambers

Clarence, N.Y.


Each Duggar child is loved and wanted, properly educated and well-fed, so who are we to begrudge Jim Bob and Michelle the number of children they want to bring into the world? God bless them and their new baby.

Ruby Gordon

Elkton, Md.

The Duggars’ decision to have more and more children puts a strain on our overloaded economy and school systems. Enough already about people who procreate so irresponsibly that they need their own zip code!

Beth Szillagyi

via e-mail


Thank you, Fantasia, for sharing your struggles and your amazing ability to overcome them. Since your days on American Idol, you have matured into an amazing parent and performer. Be assured you are an inspiration to young single mothers everywhere.

Robin Rewalt

Montrose, Colo.


Survivor contestant Jennifer Lyon’s tragic story contains a cautionary note to women everywhere: Even if you don’t have health insurance, it is worth spending the money on a visit to the doctor to explore a problem such as a suspicious lump.


via e-mail


I’m always amazed that PEOPLE gives so little attention to the passing of the great actors and actresses of the 20th century. The latest omission occurred when the wonderful Jean Simmons passed away in January, and all you gave her was a mere 50 or so words in Passages and no photo.

Carylie Forte

Montgomery, Ill.


Shame on those who criticized Christina Hendricks for showing off her ample figure at the recent Screen Actors Guild Awards. Isn’t it obvious by now that women’s curves are intended to set them apart from men?

Paul Thompson

Portland, Maine



Concerned readers of our Feb. 8 issue will be happy to know that Angel, the golden retriever in British Columbia who saved her owner Austin Forman, 11, from a cougar attack, has made a full recovery from her extensive injuries. “Angel’s face looks good, and as far as we can tell, her vision is fine,” reports Austin’s mom, Sherri. Soon Angel will move into her new private retreat, a custom-made deluxe doghouse built by Austin’s grandfather. “She loves it out there,” says Sherri. “That’s where her heart is. Her new doghouse is like an insulated dog mansion.” The Formans received good wishes from around the world and plan to answer each letter with a personal thank-you.

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