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“I wonder if the love and compassion Michael has been shown in death could have saved his life”

—Kellie Zell

Boulder, Colo.

Thank you for the moving tribute to Michael Jackson. He was an amazing performer who was taken from us too soon. But I have a feeling that after all his troubles he’s finally at peace and is moonwalking in heaven.

Pam Stone

Tucson, Ariz.

Along with millions of other fans I’ll miss the King of Pop. And although there were wonderful moments at his memorial, I kept thinking that Michael would have preferred that the money spent on the service be donated to the children’s charities he supported. That gesture would have been something very special to remember him by.

Teresa Thomas

Marysville, Wash.

While I admired Michael Jackson as an entertainer, it’s disheartening that the media is so focused on him. American soldiers are losing their lives overseas but receiving minimal to no media coverage. It’s time for all of us to give credit to this country’s true heroes.

Kaitlyn Wilt

Freeland, Md.

Michael Jackson was very talented and deserved a great send-off, but his memorial was excessive and a bit of a sham. It seemed to be more about his family than him. Rather than a respectful funeral, it reminded me of a circus.

Elizabeth Shue

via e-mail


On the Mailbag page a reader criticized Chaz Bono for wearing lipstick. I’d like to point out that men have worn makeup since Cleopatra ruled Egypt. Someone apparently hasn’t looked closely at photos of metrosexuals and art through the ages. We need to get over these gender barriers that start with pink for girls and blue for boys. Let’s move on to more important issues such as equal rights for all Americans.

Paula De Vocht

via e-mail


Here are three reasons why I don’t love David Letterman: His comedy is mean-spirited, his jokes are silly, and he comes across like an angry old man.

J. Kennedy

New Port Richey, Fla.


Steve McNair was a good man who did so much for us here in Nashville. So why is the media dwelling on the bad? Everyone makes mistakes, and this tragedy is hard enough on McNair’s wife and children. They shouldn’t have to live through the circumstances of the murder over and over again. May Steve rest in peace, and may his family find understanding as they come to terms with their loss.

Connie Rose

Nashville, Tenn.


I really appreciated the close-up view of Britney’s tour. As a longtime fan I was quite disappointed to shell out $100 for the show and get only a thumbnail view of Brit dancing far away onstage, with no video screens to help us see. Thanks for showing us what we missed.

Jen Provenzano

Seattle, Wash.


Sasha Chermayeff’s personal photos and recollections of John F. Kennedy Jr. touched the hearts of many readers. “What a wonderful tribute—it brought back so many memories,” writes Patty Strause of Stockton, Calif. “Thank you, Sasha, for sharing your beautiful stories and pictures of John.” Rose O’Connell of Columbia, Md., says the glimpses into the private side of Kennedy “showed him to be funny and sweet, as I always thought he might be. The photos of John and Carolyn with Sasha’s kids brought tears to my eyes.” And Sue Steppelman of Jefferson City, Mo., wonders “how different the course of American history might have been if John Kennedy were alive today.”