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“I’ve stared at your cover for so long, my husband thinks I’m in love with Zac Efron”

Patricia Smith

via e-mail

Thank you for including America Ferrera in the “Bikinis at Every Age” section. I have always had a curvier body type, and seeing Ferrera rock a bikini made me feel much more confident about my own figure.

Anna Preston

Sioux City, Iowa

Kudos for your interview with Jennifer Love Hewitt. I hadn’t really paid much attention to Ms. Hewitt before, but her honest reflections about her changing body were most inspiring.

Cheryl Puckett

Phoenix, Ariz.

Zac Efron can sing, dance, act and top PEOPLE’s Most Amazing Bodies list? His sweetie Vanessa Hudgens is obviously one lucky girl.

Lauren Wheeler

Georgetown, Ky.

I’m very sorry to be the one to break the news, but any celebrity bodies achieved with unlimited funds, personal trainers and personal chefs are not amazing.

Jennifer Apke

Peachtree City, Ga.


It’s hard to feel any sympathy for a family that spends lavishly instead of trying to save money in a tough economy. The Giudices can now sidestep their problems in bankruptcy court while the rest of us hardworking Americans work our butts off to pay the bills on time.

Colleen Walker

Dallas, Texas

Sadly, Teresa and Joe Giudice’s fiscal mismanagement only hurts the many businesspeople they hired who are able to handle their own finances responsibly.

Laura Davis

San Diego, Calif.


The fact that this 7-year-old child was missing from school for an entire day and not a single person reported it to his parents is beyond appalling. Didn’t any of the teachers see him at the science fair and wonder at his later absence? Certainly this tragic story could have had a much different outcome if Kyron’s parents had been alerted immediately that he wasn’t in any of his second-grade classes.

Terri Bluechel

via e-mail


Offhand I can think of no better punishment for a smug, arrogant monster like Joran van der Sloot than to spend the rest of his natural life “locked in a squalid cell” in an overcrowded South American prison. But whatever this murder and robbery suspect happens to suffer, it will surely be preferable to the agony the families of Natalee Holloway and Stephany Flores Ramirez have been put through.

Amy Carrithers

Olympia, Wash.


Concerned readers weighed in on our stories about those whose lives have been profoundly changed by the Louisiana Gulf Coast oil spill. “Thank you for introducing us to these courageous fellow Americans,” wrote Marybeth Hamblen-Zirkle of Port Angeles, Wash. “I hope you’ll continue to follow the lives of those stricken by this disaster.” Some correspondents felt we should have given the story even more prominence. “Thank you for sharing how we can help, but don’t you think the oil spill should have been your cover?” asked Charlotte Guest from Tulsa, Okla. And Alabaman Ashlea Singleton reminds us that “the spill is not only in Louisiana. Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida are also affected.”


In the Passages section of our June 21 issue, Raiden Leigh Knight was incorrectly identified in a photograph as actor Peter Fonda. We regret the error.