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“If Kate shut off the cameras and stayed home with her kids, the problems would be solved”

Virginia Forrestall

Everett, Mass.

When the Gosselins first came on the scene, there was a certain level of interest in watching a couple trying to raise eight children. But now their situation has become a media circus, with the poor kids having all their troubles played out in public. So please, enough with all the Gosselin stories! We don’t care about Kate, but we do need to give her children their lives back.

Dawn Fortino

via e-mail

I am so tired of hearing Kate Gosselin say that all she wants is a normal life for her and her kids. If that’s true, she should go back to work as a nurse. I really hope her new show is a big flop.

Maria Goff

Christiansburg, Va.


I’d like to thank Jordan Burnham for taking the time to talk to students about suicide. Jordan may not realize it, but for every life he saves, he’s saving many more people from a terrible pain in their hearts. My 14-year-old grandson killed himself, and I will never fully get over it. If Jordan had spoken at my grandson’s school, it might have made a difference.

Paula Langston

Oklahoma City, Okla.


As a cardiac patient, I was inspired by Ally Smith’s fight to live a normal life, even though she has to do so with a heart pump. I also thank you for putting a new face on this issue. It seems that whenever there is an article about heart disease, we see a picture of an older man. Heart disease is the leading killer of women in this country. Ally’s story will hopefully remind people of this often overlooked fact.

Cynthia Brown

Cincinnati, Ohio


I enjoyed watching Bret Michaels on Celebrity Apprentice because we got to see more than his rock star persona. He was very open about his love for his kids. Now that he has chosen to perform despite his doctors’ warnings, his girls could lose their dad. I pity anyone having to explain to his kids that their father put being onstage ahead of them.

Ruth Ray

Port Carbon, Pa.

It’s bad enough that Sarah Palin is being thrown in our faces all the time, but why is her daughter being held up as some kind of role model? You quote Bristol as saying her ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston “is a stranger to me.” Does she expect sympathy? She might have tried getting to know Levi before bearing his child.

John Schauer

Evanston, Ill.


Vern Yip’s new baby is beautiful! And although Vern is an interior designer, I think his son’s nursery should be tacky, not tasteful. Babies love bright, cartoonish things. But Gavin already has that peaceful look that comes from being unconditionally loved, so the style of his nursery really doesn’t matter.

Ann Johnson

Madison, N.J.


In our June 7 issue, we misspelled the name of writer-lyricist-director Brian Yorkey. We regret this error.



Earlier this year, overnight singing sensation Susan Boyle’s rocky adjustment to fame had left her feeling lonely and isolated. Now things are looking up for the songstress. It was recently announced that the devout Catholic and former choir member is expected to perform for Pope Benedict XVI at an open-air papal Mass in Glasgow’s Bellahouston Park on Sept. 16. Boyle, whose album, I Dreamed a Dream, has sold around 9 million copies, has also spent part of her $6 million royalty check on new digs. The singer has purchased an eco-friendly house in her hometown of Blackburn. Boyle’s autobiography, The Woman I Was Born to Be, is scheduled to be published in the fall.