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“Jennifer Hudson, you are a beautiful woman inside and out, and before and after. Keep it up!”

Gayle Hedges

Berkley, Mich.

My deepest congratulations to Jennifer Hudson on her successful weight loss! However, it frustrates me to read stars’ weight-loss stories when their regimen includes personal trainers and expensive eating programs. I would love to lose weight like her, but it is difficult without the disposable income. Perhaps stars should adopt average Americans who are overweight and help them lose the weight along with them!

Melyssa Russell

Milford, N.H.

Jennifer Hudson is gorgeous. But we are so much more than a number on a scale. When will we stop beating ourselves up about our looks?

Jonna Anderson

Portland, Ore.


I wish Jesse James all the best, but he’s going to have to put in more than a month of therapy to understand the demons that are causing him to sabotage his own happiness.

V. Herskowitz

via e-mail

After reading two paragraphs in the Jesse James article, I became furious. The piece says he “still really loves Sandra [Bullock], and it seems that he doesn’t even understand himself how he could deceive his family the way he did.” Really, Mr. James? I have absolutely no sympathy for this man given what he did to his family and his wife, Sandra. I hope he puts as much time into his children now as he did setting up his indiscretions then.

Michelle McHone

Gunter, Texas


I’m so happy that journalist Laura Ling is back home after being detained in North Korea. There are a lot of good journalists out there trying to shed light on certain conditions in other countries. To the journalists: Keep doing what you’re doing, because you are helping us understand the world better.

Marvin Manganaan

Stockton, Calif.


After reading your review of Shrek Forever After, it inspired me to write about Shrek’s Mike Myers and tell the world about his huge heart. Last year my 3-year-old grandson Jacob passed away after battling leukemia. Shrek was his hero, and the film would always make him laugh regardless of how sick he was. My friend contacted Myers and told him that Jacob only had a few days to live. Not only did Myers call Jacob before his passing, but he sent him Shrek DVDs and a beautiful book. I will always have a special place in my heart for Myers and the memory of Jacob talking to his Shrek hero.

Margie Fierro

Santa Clarita, Calif.


I was so heartbroken reading about the suicide of Dana Plato’s son Tyler Lambert. I remember thinking how tragic it was that he was so young when his mother died and hoping he would be okay. It’s terribly sad his story didn’t have a happy ending. I hope he’s at peace now.

Janelle Spitler

Monterey, Calif.



Readers had mixed feelings about our May 31 story on Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their 19th child, premature infant Josie Brooklyn. “It warmed my heart and brought on tears,” wrote Timeake Johnson of Queens Village, N.Y. “I gave birth to a preemie and know what they are experiencing.” Others questioned the couple’s choices: “Perhaps they should not take Josie’s birth as a miracle but as a sign that it’s time to stop having children,” wrote Beth Marshall of Central Point, Ore. The Duggars had reason to celebrate June 3 when 7-lb. 6-oz. Josie, suffering lactose intolerance, was released from the hospital. “Finally,” says Michelle, “she is home, home, home.”