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“It took incredible courage for Susan Boyle to come out of her shell and be who she is” Ruth Holcomb, Columbus, Ind.

Susan Boyle is a world treasure and should be protected like one. I hope her family will step in and give her the love and support she needs to bring some balance into her life.

Gayle Fleming

Arlington, Va.

I wish I could wrap Susan Boyle in a warm blanket, ship her to our small town and have her take over our local 400-seat theater. She could sing whenever she likes and share that wonderful talent on her own terms.

Mary Schaf

Saugatuck, Mich.

Susan Boyle’s brothers ought to be offering praise and encouragement, not speculating about feelings and desires they are not privy to. As for me, I would rather hear what Ms. Boyle has to say. Or even better, just hear her sing.

Carol McClung

Lewisburg, W.Va.


Thank you for the article about this fantastic school. Maybe a day will come when adults no longer sweep bullying under the rug or dismiss it as “boys will be boys.” Until then I’m just glad that kids from Milwaukee have a safe place to go and learn.

Cortni Bagby

Watauga, Texas


Reading how Nicole Eggert lost weight by eating more sensibly and hiking motivated me to do the same. All too often celebrities use cosmetic surgery or drastic weight-loss measures to recover their bikini bodies. Nicole sent a message to real women that they can lose weight in a healthy way.

Jessica Garber

Marlborough, Mass.


Prophylactic mastectomy provides a logical and effective step to save one’s life if there is a serious risk of developing breast cancer. When a woman doesn’t have to worry each time she has her mammogram and has the security of knowing she will be there for her family, that is a blessing beyond measure.

M.K. Kay

Fairlawn, Ohio


Please don’t try to persuade us to feel sorry for the hectic life of Ms. Phillips and her abnormally high level of stress. Taking children to school, picking up dry cleaning, paying the nanny? “Real” people have the stresses of being unable to pay bills and struggling to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

Diane Howard

Sacramento, Calif.


I cried like a baby when I read that Cesar’s dog Daddy had died. That glorious wagging tail of his said, “All’s right with the world.” And it was!

Cindy Briar

Coral Springs, Fla.



Nine-year-old Khai Hayat, whose story was featured in our Dec. 14 issue, inspired his tae kwon do classmate, 7-year-old Cole Forester. Starting with $20 from his piggybank, Cole raised $10,000 for the Afghan boy’s medical bills. Brought to the U.S. last year by the Solace for the Children charity, Khai lives with Heather and Aaron Ayris of Mooresville, N.C., and their two sons while receiving medical treatment for a blood disease that killed three of his siblings. “I can’t imagine being away from your parents for over a year,” says Cole, who lobbied his church, local banks and their tae kwon do school for funds. With Khai’s medical visa up for renewal, the Ayrises hope he can stay for treatment. Says Cole:”Khai has been through a very hard time.”


In our March 15 issue we omitted Pamela Anderson from the cast of the new season of Dancing with the Stars. In the same issue we failed to credit The Cove photograph in our “Free Tilly?” story. The proper credit is Brooke McDonald/INF. We regret the errors.