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“Bravo to Celine and her beautiful family! But she should make peace with what she already has”

Louise Gruenebaum

Prairie Village, Kans.

Thanks for the great article on my favorite superstar, Celine Dion. She is a classy lady who clearly has a heart of gold. Here’s wishing her the best of luck with her Vegas show as well as with her dream of becoming pregnant again.

Gayle Kay

Arena, Wis.

I am the same age as Celine Dion and on a similar quest of trying to have a family, so your story meant a lot to me. Dealing with the injections, the doctor visits and the never-ending waiting is hard, so hearing from someone else on this issue makes me feel less isolated. Good luck to Celine and everyone else on this often frustrating journey.

Amie Badger

Orange Park, Fla.

As the mother of an adorable son adopted from Russia, I wish Celine and her husband could recognize what a wonderful thing it is to give a home to a child who doesn’t have one. What a joy it was when this little one who needed parents was placed in our arms! We feel very fortunate to have experienced the miracle of adoption, so I hope Celine reconsiders her struggle with infertility.

Lisa Lacy

Enigma, Ga.

It is rather disturbing that Celine Dion’s son René-Charles is 9 years old but still allowed to sleep in his parents’ bed. Although he’s trying to adjust to new surroundings, I find that unacceptable behavior for a child his age.

Sara Perlman-Smith

Hallsville, Mo.


In the article about Jamie Lynn Spears, her new beau, James Watson, was described as “a registered Republican.” Please tell me, what does that have to do with anything? Are you going to start telling us the political affiliations of everyone you write about?

Shelley Walton

Mooresville, Ind.


It was very nice to read the story about our new police chief, Charlie Beck. He seems like the best man for this daunting job. As one who has been touched by the goodness of the Los Angeles Police Department, I stand and applaud the fine men and women in its ranks.

Craig Carr

West Hills, Calif.


No matter whether your battle is with drugs, alcohol or food, you won’t find any celebrity who is more honest about her demons than Carnie Wilson. The problems she talks about are issues that regular people get to deal with in private. Bravo to Carnie for being a role model, not just for the overweight but for those of us who share her biggest offense: being human.

Curt Whirl

Davenport, Fla.


How refreshing to read Emily Blunt say the worst invention is Twitter. Unless you are a surgeon saving lives, or a head of state, no one is interested in your daily routine. We’ve become technologically obsessed, and not for the better.

Mary Clarke

Marmora, Ont.



Our story on 15-year-old Phoebe Prince, the Irish immigrant who hanged herself after being bullied at school and online, sparked an outpouring of emotional responses. “The article on beautiful Phoebe broke my heart,” writes Marlene Kennedy of Coatesville, Pa. “This awful behavior needs to stop.” Lorinda Green of Ellijay, Ga., asks, “How many of our children must be lost before someone says, ‘No more!'” And Carol Delaney of Sunnyside, N.Y., says, “The ‘Mean Girls’ who tormented Phoebe may as well have tied the knot around her neck.” Several students involved in bullying Prince have left South Hadley High School in Massachusetts, but no criminal charges have been filed.