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“Brad and Angelina deserve our respect. Thank you for clearing up all the false rumors”

Chung Do Elkins Park, Pa.

Angelina and Brad came together in less than perfect circumstances, but they seem to be fantastic parents and are a great couple. And their children are absolutely beautiful. I wish them the very best in all that they do.

Ali Smith Pueblo, Colo.

Am I the only one who questions why Brad and Angelina are not married? They have six children and plan on many more. At what point will they decide they are in it for the long haul?

Amy Butt via e-mail

Thank you for your article clarifying the “real” Brad and Angelina. It sounds like they are trying really hard to be in control of their public image. And it’s comforting to know Jennifer Aniston has nothing to do with them.

Karen Frisone Broomfield, Colo.

I admire people like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for using their influence and their finances to think and act globally. What an inspiration to give your kids. What an inspiration for the world.

Sarah A. Trissel San Francisco, Calif.


Thank you for the incredibly touching story of the Ayala family. I remember, very well, the controversy that surrounded the parents’ decision to have a child in hopes that she would be a bone marrow match for Anissa. To see these beautiful young women and to hear of their special connection to each other was uplifting—especially when the world is in such great turmoil. Miracles do happen and this is one of them.

Sandi Bargioni Sun Lakes, Ariz.

There is nothing wrong with conceiving a child to save another child. What good parents wouldn’t do anything they can to save their child? I’ve seen people conceive children for far worse reasons. The original story inspired me to join the bone marrow registry in the ’90s.

Jeanine Cirillo East Stroudsburg, Pa.


I was appalled to read that the United States and Samoa “cut a deal” and that Samoa wouldn’t challenge the adoptions. Can you imagine the outrage if the U.S. ever told Americans that they would have to give up their children regardless of the fact that they were never put up for adoption? It would never happen.

Cindy Kalb via e-mail


I can only imagine the horror that these families are going through. I hope we can find a better way to protect our U.S. journalists as they travel to places like North Korea. The price of knowing what is going on in other countries just does not seem worth the price we pay in sacrificing the lives of others.

Debra Marie Hayes Watkinsville, Ga.


Friends and family were amazed at Georgia Davis’s transformation when she returned to Wales from nine months at the Wellspring Academy, a weight-loss school in Brevard, N.C. “I had to look twice,” her mother, Lesley Miles, says of seeing Georgia for the first time since Christmas. “I then realized it was my daughter.” Having lost more than 200 lbs., the 16-year-old featured in our June 22 issue is finally leading the life of a true teen. “I am more active. I do sports,” she says. She also goes to parties and, yes, has found a fondness for shopping. Before her weight loss, she had to shop online since stores didn’t carry her size. No longer. She recently went on a spree at local shops. “I spent my mom’s savings,” she jokes about using up the money her mother set aside for her.


In our June 29 issue we incorrectly listed Lady Gaga’s age. She is 23. And in our July 6 issue we misspelled the name of laser manufacturer Lumenis. We regret the errors.